mnemonics for critical elements for cpne

  1. 0 I am currently in Sheri Taylor's online workshop for the CPNE and have purchased her study guide which has some great mnemonics for remembering the critical elements for each area of care. My question is should I use those, or would it be better for me to make my own?
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    Do what makes sense to you. I used some of hers, tweaked some, and used some of my own.
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    I agree, Sherri's are great but she doesn't provide all of them. I think that is so we come up with some on our own. The favorite one I created was for PAIN = REDRUM!!! (Like from The Shining?!)
    Rate (0-5,0-10,FLACC,FACES)
    Explain Interventions
    Describe L,D,Q
    Repo, mass, meds, bed, teeth, sheets, distract, relax
    Make sure you RE-RATE and EVALUATE!!!

    I love that REDRUM!!!!
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    LOL at above

    My pain mnemonic is AIR

    Assess (PQRST)
    Intervene x 3

    I do use MR BAR to remember the interventions and I think that one is Sheri's! One of the few of Sheri's I actually use. As you can see, I try to keep it as SIMPLE as possible! I can't stress enough to use what works best for YOU, which generally requires quite a bit of tweaking.

    Good luck!
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    Do you guys have any cpne workshop recommendations? Also, anyone in Florida?
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    Hi Lovefloridarn!!! I'm in Sarasota. I saw you post looking for a study buddy, but I JUST took my CPNE a few weeks ago and don't know anyone else taking it soon. I was on the Naples wait list FOREVER just to find out they stopped administering it at that location. They said they would offer it again eventually, so maybe ask about it.

    I chose Grady in Atlanta just because it was closest. I ended up taking the CPNE twice and I went to Grady both times. I highly recommend that site. The CA really wants you to pass, and the CE's are firm, but good at their jobs.

    I also went to Sherri Taylor's workshop in Atlanta (twice!). My biggest mistake was that I thought that going to Sherri's workshop was enough to pass on my first try. I did study some, but not as much as I needed to. Really, ANY workshop should just be thought of as a review of what you've already learned from the EC CPNE Study Guide. Also, Sherri offers a Mock Clinical the night before your test, if you take your test in the Atlanta area. They administer the lab stations just like it is done at the CPNE, and they grade you (pass/fail), and explain what you did wrong. They also put us through a few mock PCS's, just to get us ready. She has a classroom, lots of lab stations to learn and practice on, and a full hospital room set up. If you go to the real workshop, she gives you a discount on the online workshop which offers multiple videos you can review. I actually watched each PCS video at night during my CPNE weekend. MOST importantly she gives you her personal cell number to call her with any questions (not DURING your CPNE but at night!).

    Anyway, READ THAT STUDY GUIDE, and be ready to perform. Most of all get control of your nerves! I have been through a divorce . I have twin teenage daughters . The CPNE makes both of those life events feel like a vacation! I have labeled my post CPNE mood as CPNE PTSD and thank GOD every day that it is over!

    Be prepared, and let me know if you have any more questions.
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    This guide discusses one student's way of making mnemonics:

    I used mnemonics that I learned in a workshop (that no longer exists), with a few tweaks so I could remember them better. Whatever makes it stick in your brain!!
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    there is a workshop in Miami small classes. make sure you base your mnemonics on your aoc's for pain I used AD3R Assess Do 3 and Reassess. but you have to remember to reassess.....
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    LunahRn do u have any recommendations for care planning? The link that you provided was helpful. However, Im thinking I need to put more study time into care planning. The excelsior college offers a care planning online workshop but I cant really spend $250. Ugh!
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    Quote from sunshiine:)
    LunahRn do u have any recommendations for care planning? The link that you provided was helpful. However, Im thinking I need to put more study time into care planning. The excelsior college offers a care planning online workshop but I cant really spend $250. Ugh!
    I did care planning with my peers on the EPN, and through the workshop (Tina Logan's, now closed) that I attended. I have heard great things about both Sheri Taylor and EC's online workshop. I look at it like this: spend the $$ up front for care planning instruction, and don't pay $2K to repeat your CPNE.
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    Yes, you're right. Thanku
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    So here is a mnemonic I have made up for the IV push lab. Feel free to comment if you note an error or have a suggestion

    Clean med vial, Draw up med
    Clean NS port, Draw up 2 flushes
    Id pt, Glove up, Assess site, Clean port, Aspirate.
    Flush, Med, Flush

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