Ideas on how to pay for exams and CPNE????

  1. I am having a hard time finding ways to pay for the exams and CPNE. Does anyone have ideas as to how I can find scholarships, grants, etc for Excelsior's exams and CPNE?
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  3. by   CLUVRN
    From what I understand, the associate's degree in nursing program through Excelsior does not accept federal financial aid funds. I think most of us pay as we go. Exelsior offers flexible payment plans to help with costs. Perhaps you could take out a private loan if you are credit-worthy or have a credit-worthy cosigner? Good luck!
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    I got a scholarship from the Ladies Board at my previous hospital -- that was a huge help! I also had tuition reimbursement from my employer. You might also try the Discover Nursing scholarships database: Find Your Scholarship | Discover Nursing
  5. by   SWilson213
    I got a private loans but the college also has scholarships. I was blesses to get 2. First full out FAFSA. They based them off financial need. The school reviews fafsa four times a year I believe. Good luck. Or use payment plan if u can.
  6. by   OneFlyNurz
    Hi, when I became eligible for CPNE I got an email shortly after i started the pmnt plan saying that I was granted a faculty loan for the exact amt and that CPNE eligible students are first choice for it. When you become eligible for both, esp the CPNe, call EC and speak to someone in the fin aid office about their grants and loans and they could direct u better. I have seen ppl on here that have gotten grants as well, not only loans.
  7. by   acwoods1
    Thank you for your input. I appreciate it.

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