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EC already reveiwed my transcript, I only need a&p II, micro, sociology and math plus info lit. I just can't seem to get the ball rolling, my plan was to start a&p II with straighterline, then micro, after that clep sociology... Read More

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    Quote from HA_LPN
    I have a medsurge book and fundamental book a friend who finish the bsn program gave me and I will be searching all over the net for other books and will invest on sg 101 notes or any other free study material I can find. I have a good nursing diagnosis book I need to dust off. Approx how many hrs total you've spend studying for each test you've taking so far. I know everybody study differently I m just asking.
    Sounds like you are doing great! I have been scheduling about 1 exam per month, and that seems to work well for me. I work M,T,W nights and rarely have any study time during those nights... or days.. I cram on Th,F, Sa,Su! I don't really know the number of hours.... just seem to put in more time as it gets closer... sometimes 8 hours a day.

    Good luck to you!

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