How much does Excelsior's LPN to RN cost?

  1. Not just the price per credit hour, but how much you ended up paying, in all, to get your ADN. I am enrolled in LPN school and want to do a bridge program ASAP after I graduate in a year. I know the Excelsior website tells you the price per credit hour, but I wanted to get the total price for the whole thing.

    Also, how exactly does it work? You just study and take exams whenever you're ready? Do they give you some material to study? I don't want to purchase any extra study programs from TCN because I have heard most students say they were too expensive for what you get, but what did you use to study for each exam?

    And one more question, how long did it take you to pass all the exams and get your degree?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   KitkatPRN
    That's a hard question to answer because it depends on how many gen ed's you have to test out of or take from them. I just enrolled and my estimate thus far is this:

    $ 80 Application fee
    $975 Enrollment fee
    $1925 Nursing theory exams
    $2000 Clinical Performance exam
    $450 Focused Clinical Assessment
    $355 Information Literacy
    $550 College Math (@ my technical college this summer)
    $395 Test out of College English
    $395 Test out of Microbiology
    $395 Test out of Humanities (Philosophy)
    $100 StudyGroup 101 Notes (Ebay, covers micro and all 7 theory exams)
    $1000 Misc extra books, study guides, etc.
    GRAND TOTAL : $8620
    (Yikes, and I had 19 credits transfer, I'm also really pushing it with my estimation of only spending a $1000 on study supplies). Hope that helps. Best of luck ! I just passed my NCLEX-PN Jan 4th, and have been working as an LPN since Jan. 25th, and LOVE it !!
  4. by   nursetabitha
    That's very helpful. Thanks! I'm going to a technical college that doesn't require much general ed. So I probably would have quite a few of those, but this gives me a much better idea! Congrats on being an LPN and I'm glad you're loving it! I can't wait!
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Marianne, search this forum for Penn Foster information -- you can take ENG 103 (I think that's it) from Penn Foster for something like $90 to satisfy EC's Information Literacy requirement. A little cost savings, but every bit counts! There are also CLEP exams for Humanities credits that are less expensive.
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    Oh, and here is what I spent back in 2006-2008; bear in mind that tuition goes up every July 1, so some of these prices are older.

    Info Lit..........$260
    Annual Fee.....$440
    CLEP tests.....$160
    Grad fee........$480

    I took Info Lit in 2006, so it was a little less expensive then. "Classes" includes all the nursing exams, A&P, Micro, AND all the practice exams for each of those exams. The CLEP tests were Human Growth & Development (accepted in place of Lifespan Dev. Psych.) and Introductory Sociology. Each CLEP test was $65 plus a $15 site fee at the university where I took the exams.

    I was VERY fortunate to receive a $3K scholarship in May 2007 from the Ladies Board at the hospital where I worked, and my employer reimbursed me for the CPNE ahead of time. I took A&P as my first exam, before I got my scholarship, and my employer reimbursed me for that as well. So out of my pocket, I only paid for Info Lit, the enrollment, the A&P practice test, and the CLEPs. Total for me: $1375. Can't beat that! And I actually had a $260 credit with EC -- a small surplus from my scholarship -- so my graduation fee was $235 (program completion fee of $495 minus the $260).

    That figure does not include study materials, which I estimated at $300. I also went to a couple of CPNE workshops, which probably ran me another $1K. But all of it was still worth every.single.penny.
  7. by   ineverseeu
    i never knew that there was graduation fee of around $495. this is a first time seeing any school charging a fee for graduation.
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    EC has a document on its website called something like "How much with my ADN cost?" or something similar. In any case, it details all the costs -- nothing hidden. Yes, there is a graduation fee.
  9. by   nursenora1
    for me, the price is around $5,500 and i pay as i go.

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