Hot date coming up! CPNE 02/14/14! Hot date coming up! CPNE 02/14/14! | allnurses

Hot date coming up! CPNE 02/14/14!

  1. 3 I just received my test date for valentines day 2014 in Chambersburg, PA. I sure hope love is in the air!!
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    Quote from r1rx7girl
    I just received my test date for valentines day 2014 in Chambersburg, PA. I sure hope love is in the air!!
    Congrats!!!! I will keep my fingers crossed that "love" is in the air for you that weekend.
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    Congrats 🎉
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    How romantic... a date with destiny. Some dating tips... sorry these are kinda dude-minded bits of advice, bear with me LOL

    1. Plan it (you already did that)
    2. Pay (I'm sure you already paid if you're registered)
    3. Be confident... I've heard tests are more attracted to people that ooze confidence instead of that nervous, stanky sweat
    4. Dress to impress. Dressing well will give the test a great first impression. Show that test you're sexy and you know it.
    5. Be on time. You wouldn't want the test to stand you up. Don't return the favor. You want the test to trust you.
    6. Be attentive. Don't flip your hair and watch the clock and stare at other tests during your test. Makes them feel like you don't have any interest in them.
    7. Use compliments appropriately. Tell that test that it's got a great sense of humor, that it challenges your intellect, that it was made for you, you go together like apples and cinnamon. Flattery will get you everywhere.
    8. Prove that chivalry is not dead. Sure, this test is independent and modern, but that doesn't mean it doesn't like being treated well. Hold the door open for it n' stuff...
    9 Say goodnight. Don't let the date end with a fizzle. Be intentional about saying goodbye and initiate one of the following: a hug, a kiss, or a handshake. Don't leave that test standing there awkwardly at the end of the day.... tell it what a great time you had.
    10. Follow up. Be sure to check your score and tell the test what a wonderful time you had together.

    Cheers and good luck LOL

    - Trevy
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    Good Luck!!!!!!!!
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    Best wishes!!
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    Thanks everyone! At this point I am just trying to get organized and begin practicing lab skills. So much info to digest and study! I have a lot to do and working full time is a challenge on top of this....
    For the next 3 months CPNE prep will be my life...
    Also, thanks for the pointers TrevyRN

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