Health Safety and Transitions

  1. I am signed up for the micro course that starts on Monday. I also want to study for the transitions and health safety. I was looking through previous posts and it is difficult to figure. What books or study materials did most use for these two courses? I was going to buy slightly older versions of the Fundamentals, and Nursing in todays world. What else should I do for these two courses? Anyone recommends online study stuff or whats up?
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  3. by   silv27star
    Should I go with Larends study guides? More Books? SG101??? What worked best for everyone really??
  4. by   Medic625
    I've used tcn modules to pass all my prerequisites and 3 of the nursing theory courses. They are very thorough. Also, the excelsior practice exams have helped me prepare for their tests.
  5. by   natnat122
    I'm studying for Health Safety now and I'm using sg101, the practice exams, and online flashcards.
  6. by   silv27star
    Where do you get the TCN modules? Through TCN or ebay?? Just much do they run you for?
  7. by   Medic625
    I was "suckered" into tcn by a tcn salesman. I didn't do much, if any, research about other options, such as buying the textbooks recommended by Excelsior. I spent about $5k with tcn which included online learning modules, online practice exams, in-depth "textbooks", and the cost of all the excelsior tests ( excluding the cpne and fcca). I was mad at first when I thought I just got screwed for expensive study guides. But now that I'm so far along, I realize that all the material on these tests has been in the tcn material. I'm still not happy about the less than completely honest tcn salesman, but I'm glad I did it. I've used the sg101 material for 3 classes in addition to the tcn material. I found it hard to get anything out of the sg101 material. It's like you're reading notes with really no explanation. But they are only $10.
  8. by   BrillyD
    I found sg101 to be excellent - follows the couse syllabus pretty well and had zillions of practice questions - I like lots of questions, helps me retain the information . I only used the books to look up different things, but I thought the studygroup study guides were sooooo worth the money.
  9. by   jlynn167
    I'm on to Health Safety now too! Just passed transition with a B...phewww!! How is the material and have you scheduled the exam yet?
  10. by   Paranemec
    I just passed Health Safety on tuesday. I read all the chapters from the books listed in the syllabus, then I bought the sg101 guides. The guides made a great review after reading it from the books. However, a lot of the book material (for me) was review, but it did go in to more detail about the nursing process which helped a lot.