Health Safety

  1. 0 Hi All, About how many hours did you put into studying for health safety? Any tips? Also, is there another resource for practice exams? I do plan on purchasing the excelsior practice exams but I read somewhere previously that there was another site that had unlimited exams? I appreciate the help in advance. -Jenn
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    I think the practice exams and the required chapters are your best bet the questions come straight from the 2, I passed every test with no repeats 3 weeks of studying average.
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    Also the sample questions n the exam content guide r a GREAT resource
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    I apologize if I am starting to sound like an advertisement, I really don't mean to, but studygroup101 has worked really well for me and they have alot of practice questions in their study guides, and they are so inexpensive for the amount of stuff you get that you really can't go wrong. studygroup101
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    i like study group but i do think that people do stress them selves out about these exams. I mean as a LPN some of this stuff is common knowledge.
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    what i did this time is take both practice exams without studying all the material. it helps me to get a better idea with both tests i think. a lot of it i knew. i work as an rt so i dont have nursing experience. i had several answers i got wrong after changing. grrr. the study guide was a little vague.

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