health & safety exam passed!

  1. Hello all- since everyone on allnurses has helped so much with there threads/advices, I thought I would keep a journal as well and help in any way I can for others. So I passed the Health Safety exam last week- I studied Studyguide 101 and that is it, on excelsior practice exam A i received a 75 and on exam B i received a 65. Was pretty confident, took the actual exam and only received a 'C', while i was taking the exam I felt like i knew the answers, but I dont know I could have studied more from somewhere else...the exam had alot of therapeutic questions. hope this helps someone, now on to Chronicity I go- please give me advice! thanks. *peace & love* =)
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  3. by   sondon
    Congrats way to go!!! How long did you study for this test?
  4. by   infinity85
    thanks sondon! i studied about a im thinking maybe i should have studied a little longer and read some of the required text as well
  5. by   ChrisRicci
    It may not be that you didn't know your material, but the way you answered the questions - make sure you read them each twice!! Sometimes the questions start out as one thing but are actually asking something totally different.
    I always studied at least 2 weeks for each exam - personal preference though! Congrats on your pass and good luck on chronicity!
  6. by   infinity85
    thanks chrisricci!! have you taken chronicity already? any advice? thanks!
  7. by   UlanaD
    Congratulations! That's a pass!