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Hi everyone. Just a quick question if I do information literacy through Penn Foster its 1 CEU. Would that be one of the seven ACE credits? I have racked my brain trying to find a way to get all These classes in, I've confused... Read More

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    Quote from Medic625
    That may be my bad. I am using the post 911 and that was my cost.
    Ok I just looked it up. It's $250 for the info lit course thru excelsior.

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    I pay $250/credit hour being active duty, so if a school charged more than $250/credit hour, I'd be responsible for the difference. I think Post 911 pays up to the $250 cap, but I could be wrong -- haven't tapped into those benefits yet.
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    So far so good with the post 911. I didn't know there was a credit hour cap. I thought there was a max amount per year. Guess I should revisit the va website.
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    what do you mean by transfer limit?
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    Quote from funfunfun550
    what do you mean by transfer limit?
    EC will only accept a certain number of ACE credits -- School of Nursing limits credit acceptance -

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