From Never Having Taken A College Class in June to FCCA Bound! - page 2

I completed 22 out 31 general education credits and all the nursing exams with Life Span 3 passed yesterday! All this was completed in about 5 months! I spoke to my advisor and she told me to look... Read More

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    what is fcca?
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    Congrats..With only Lifespan 3 left I can then register for the FCCA. Unsure about taking them at the same time.
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    Quote from crebs
    what is fcca?
    Focused Clinical Compentency Assessment - it is an Excelsior College exam for the ADN program.
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    CLUVLPN, can you give some tips on HOW you used sg101? I'm taking LS1 now. I tried to PM you but couldn't..
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    Natnat122, I used studygroup 101 to reinforce the information that I already knew. About ninety percent of material on nursing exams I had committed to memory since I was taught the same material in my LPN program. The study guides were used only to clarify points that I was uncertain about; I did not study the entire guide word for word. This strategy helped me take one nursing exam per week with A's and B's on everything. I always live by the addage: Study smarter, not harder(ie, don't study material you already have mastered! Concentrate only on your weak areas). Hoped this helped a little. Good luck!
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