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  1. by   Pixie.RN
    Please don't discuss the FCCA any further ... thanks. This discussion is headed into off-limits territory. Please see this post for info: http://allnurses.com/excelsior-colle...on-714112.html
  2. by   Arctophilos
    Congrats Medic1403! I passed 498 yesterday and I'm taking 496 tomorrow. I can't wait to be CPNE bound as well! I also used that book...and posted that book on Excelsior chat site as well for a study aid.
  3. by   zanfelhor
    I would like to know if the care plan book, is truly worth it, or any cp book will due?
  4. by   Arctophilos
    Any really, depends on your learning style. Some are very visual and broken down. But, now having passed the CPNE I would recommend the EC free email and phone in care plans on their site (6 total)...and also taking their Documentation and Care Plan conferences. I believe they should be incorporated into their program. I used all the PCS's from these classes to practice with physically in real time with my dummy and then family. The EC advisors are there for you. Utilize your weekly calls---invaluable! The required Mosby's Nursing DX book will be your bible. As you get your corrected Care Plans back, highlight the Dx and interventions in your book. You can tab your book and highlight for the CPNE---no writing or any other marks. BUT, please do check with your assigned version of the study guide as it changes.

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