Failed LS3:(

  1. Did great on the practice exams but I didn't study for it enough. Barely missed it and it's the only test I need to do to get into FCCA in September. I sent an email to someone to see if they would waive the 60 retake policy.

    Any luck with that for people and who did you email?

    I really just want this over with, I don't want to have to wait even longer to get this done!
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  3. by   buckshot
    I am so sorry to hear that! That would be great if they could wave 60 day period for you! I've never heard of that happening? What were your practice exam scores and how long did you study? Hang in there, at least you know what to focus on now....
  4. by   nursemami4
    I thought that I have tea in a old post that someone did get the 60 day waived. Not sure if true or happened but did see that once. I will be praying that will go in your favor. I can imagine the feeling and stress with getting in this new online FCCA. I so wish we were able to schedule it when we completed the requirements at our own pace, however not the case now! Good luck honey and please keep us posted! I have life span development per req to take on the 28th as my final test before the September FCCA. So the nerves are bad thinking of it!
  5. by   agldragonRN
    Sorry to hear about the fail. I failed LS3 as well and got the retake waiting period reduced to half. Call Excelsior and they will tell you exactly how to do this. I remembered writing a letter explaining why I needed the waiting reduced and what would I do differently this time and sent it to the dean or something. It got approved.

    Good luck with your retake. You can do this!!
  6. by   RT to RN
    What material did you use to study for this exam?
  7. by   medic1282
    So I got approved to take it early......but not until September 13th That was a waste. I wish they wouldn't have changed things. I really wanted to be almost done by the time my boyfriend got home.