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Hello folks. I recently passed the health safety exam. Didnt do as well as I wanted for my first core nursing class. I studied for 8 days and managed to get a "C" using the TCN module and the practices tests. Im now preparing for... Read More

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    TS41- What did you think was a scam about it? The actualy college or were you unsure if you could actually get a degree doing distance learning? Im doing the Associate of science in nursing program. Im a full time proffesional Lieutenant Parmaedic and would not be able to do the traditional RN bridge due to my scheduel. I utilized college network for my study materials. Basically all you do through excelsior is study and take the exams required in the degree. There are several avenues to accomplish this. You can buy the recommended text boks, take the actualy online courses or find your own study materials. College network provides a condensed version of the textbooks with the needed information to pass the tests. I did basically all of my general eduacation credits through excelsior and so far im on my 2nd nursing class. I have had no issues so far and it is very convenient. I also work in an ER in the city that I live in. There are several nurses that I work with who used excelsior to bridge over from paramedic to RN and they seem to have really enjoyed going through excelsior for there degrees. This type of education is not for everyone though. You have to be self motivated and able to learn the material on your own by reading. If you are able to learn like that then you will really enjoy the oppurtunity to go through school like this!
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    Quote from ts41
    I am so glad to see that there is someone else in the excelsior program. I live in Ga, and was skeptical about the program. I wanted to make sure that the program is not a scam. So, is the program good? I plan on enrolling this month. Any advice?
    I live in Georgia also. Graduated from Excelsior in April 2010, Passed the NCLEX in June 2010. Go for it! You will have a bigger hassle with the Ga BON than you will with Excelsior's program. I absolutely loved it!
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    Thanks, guys.
    I know I can do this. I just have some fears. Several years ago the state of Ga. cut out the Excelsior program and people were out of a lot of money. There was no refund. Also, when I called the BON they said to be careful b/c the hospitals could charge us thousands of dollars for clinical. What is that about? Also, if we make it all the way to clinical and don't do well, do we get another chance or is that it? I was in a nursing program a month ago and failed the first semester by one point. I was so stressed and was driving 86 miles one way every day except Friday. It's a relief now, but I want my RN. I think that I need a little reassurance.
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    I just needed some reassurance.
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    Ok so I passed Health Safety in a week with a "C" and took Transition to the professional registered nurse role on Friday and got a "B" after studying for 8 days. If you're having doubts about transition just go ahead and take it. It was not difficult at all. I used TCN and SG101 and took the practice exams. Im flying through these faster than I expected. Im not enrolled but I have done the application and sent in my certification and transcripts. Does anybody know when I can access the course outline for chronicity?
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    @gatormedic, you have to enroll in the college before gaining access to the rest of the material. As well as taking the exams.
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    Ok, I paid the application fee and sent in my transcripts and stuff. How long should it take to actually be enrolled? I dont want to get held back on this stuff. I waited because I didnt realize I was gonna finish the first 2 classes so quick and didnt want to have to pay the annual fee if I went over (doesnt look like that will be a problem though) Im actually going to do health differences for this next one.
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    After you've sent in your $70 application fee and transcripts, it takes about 2 weeks for them to send you a preliminary evaluation of your transcripts. Once that is done, there is the $845 (I forget the exact cost) enrollment fee. Only after you've paid the enrollment fee are you eligible to continue with the rest of the exams.

    The app fee and enrollment fee are two different things.

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    Damn! 2 weeks is way to long haha. Well I paid the application fee and im gonna pay the increased enrollment fee of 975 bucks as soon as they allow me to. Appreciate your response. Have you taken health differences yet? Health Safety and Transition to the professional RN role were relatively easy. I cant believe that they would all be that easy. Which is the hardst because I will probably just start on that since Its gonna be a couple week before I can take it?
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    I dont know if I would recommend it but I only used the mystudygroup101 and the excelsior practice test. I can not stress enough, the importance of taking the practice tests. I scored a 61 on both practice exams and got a B on the real deal. The practice exam is a very good indicator of the types of questions during the real exam. I thought the outlines/study material from 101 was really concise and easy to read. Wasnt as bad as I thought the test would be. Good luck!
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