Excelsior RN-BSN?

  1. So I'm ready to get into the BSN now. I have a ton of credits and I know a lot of them will not be accepted after October 1 because a lot came from Straighterline. For those that moved on from ADN, how long did it take you to transition over? Did you have to wait on graduation to occur, mine will occur on Sept 21 and the new rules kick in on Oct 1. ANy input on the program would greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   frankie,RN
    congrats again on passing the cpne. Its a very difficult thing to do first time up. I called Excelsior when I graduated to inquire about the RN-BSN program, just basic questions. They may give you some info, but they really dont want to take the time for you unless you pass your boards. you cant even apply until you get your RN. Good luck to you and congratulations again.
  4. by   Nervous1
    I've been sending them messages back and forth thru the message center but I get vague-ish answers. I want to enroll before October 1 because the rules change. But my grad date is Sept 21 and I'm still trying to figure out if I can test before the grad date, like when I pay my grad fee, which I hope is soon.....its only been 3 days and I want to give them my money for once!
  5. by   ineverseeu
    so, we can't enroll for bsn until we pass nclex?

    and what kind of rule change is it?
    it might be better to enroll before this rule change?

    i m curious whether putting down as current bsn track (or master's track) on my resume gives a better change of getting a job.
    cuz, w our economy, ADN will get me nowhere but a nursing home.
  6. by   Nervous1
    The rules change as far as credits they will accept. For me, its a biggie and possible deal breaker as I completed a ton of Straighterline courses, basically before the deadline, I will only have Ethics and a history to complete. Afterwards, I will have 3 classes because they will only take 15 credits of my S/L classes and none toward. Here is what I have taken at S/L: English I & II, Business Communications, Biology, Chemistry with Lab, Macroeconomics, Algebra and Medical Terminology.

    They will only allow 15 credits and not counting Med Term, which would not fit my degree. So I have 22 credits that apply to Straighterline......and they only allow 15 and will not take my Stats course. I do not want to take stats over....it was hard enough he first time.

    I'm comping EC and TESC right now. Basically its a time and cost thing and I already know all about them, however even taking 2 years thru TESC, its still a little cheaper, just the cost to get started sucks, $2900...compared to $395 at EC. But tuition is almost 200 cheaper at TESC.

    Going to decide between now and September.
  7. by   ineverseeu
    how do u know ur evaluation?
    they told me that, first, they don't even look at til i m eligible, and second i have to pay to have my past courses evaluated for bsn or ms. (i guess they used to evaluate for free and whenever it was requested.)
    i dunno what Straighterlin is, but i have a bach of art from top school and master's from so so school.

    ec said that since i already have a bach degree, i can enroll for their master's when i m done w what i m doing.

    i don't care what i enroll...bsn or master's as long as if it gives a better chance of landing a job. (writing on my resume that i am currently enrolled in blah blah..)
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  8. by   Nervous1
    I got an unofficial review of my credits yesterday from an advisor. Very unofficial and vague-ish...just "this class will not count toward this" you would need to take blah, blah, blah before starting the nursing core and we limit courses thru Straighterlin to 15 and none of those can fulfill core requirements.

    I've looked at EC, TESC, Liberty University, WGU, and I'm evaluating UNiversity of Texas - Arlington.....but I would prefer Excelsior since I'm already use to how they do things. But it boils down to who plays ball better with my credits and money.
  9. by   woodsyny
    They emailed me and told be they will not take straighterline courses for 'core' courses which means statistics is out. Will probably be a deal breaker for me at this point.
  10. by   rjp1122
    Did uta accept the straighterline courses?