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Excelsior Repro Exam

  1. 0 Hello everyone. My name is Brian and this is my first post. Ive been studying on and off again for Repro, but I still dont feel comfortable enough to take the test. Any advice from anyone who has taken this exam already? How did you study?
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    Practice exams and just schedule the test date and don't change it
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    ^^^ THIS. Use the practice exams, and study the areas that you do poorly on. I put this exam off 2 times before I finally took it. Never so happy to see a "C" in my life. For most LPNs who have been out of school for a bit, (8 years in my case) this exam is probably (IMHO) one of the hardest. Most of us have been working in long term care / rehab, and have had NO use for any of the OB/ Peds content we learned in LPN school. Again, i can't stress the values of the practice exams enough.
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    I remember I used Saunder's NCLEX review for all four exams repro ans ls sereis and passed first time with A on repro and B's on ls series.Plus practice exam +study grp 101 for final review
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    Thank you guys. Appreciate it.
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    So Saunders helps with LS3? That is my last test, and I am scared because everyone is saying it is so hard.