excelsior nursing- cpne

  1. Hi! I am about to take the fcca and then the cpne! I have read so many horror stories about the cpne, i could really use some encouragement or success stories! Most of the ones I find to read are from like 2010.

    I have been an LPN for 3 and a half years and live in Mississippi. I figure I will likely test in Georgia.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   dorrybnursing
    I tested in Georgia at Grady Hospital February 14-16 it was my second attempt, but I passed.
  4. by   Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    Know the study guide forward and backward (section 4 I believe mainly).

    I used RobsCPNE.com to study and it helped me greatly. I passed on my first attempt in Lubbock.
  5. by   BarbaraNM
    LOTS of resources on Facebook. Just search 'CPNE'. I am prepping for it now... GOOD LUCK!!