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Hi there,Long time reader, first time poster. I've been trying to get into studying for micro but having a hard time organizing the info. I bought micro demystified and the studygroup101 notes. I like the book, but I don't care... Read More

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    Medic2RN u should also go to audible.com and download vangonotes....it is helping me A LOT!!!
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    Quote from Medic2Rn_7
    Thanks! how fare along are you in the program?
    I finished in june of last year.
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    So, I've been reading sg101 for about 4 weeks and I think Im finally ready to take this micro exam. Can anyone offer some advice please.
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    I heard it's not that bad....they say it's pretty straight to the point....i'm almost ready too....I am paying for it tomorrow hopefully I can get a date for a week and a half away. Good Luck!! Are you taking micro too??
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    I meant are you taking A&P too??
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    @ Mo No ma'am I done with that exam thank God!
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    Did you take it thru excelsior? How was it??
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    Mo, No I completed most of my Pre reqs at a local community college
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    @ Mo, E-mail me your info so we could study together pcollegeboy@yahoo.com
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    @ Reebok congrats on the completion, any tips for a motivated student. I am trying to be completed by october. Micro is my last Pre req, I am ready to take Health safety maybe 1 week after I take micro.

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