Excelsior Microbiology study tips - page 3

Hi there,Long time reader, first time poster. I've been trying to get into studying for micro but having a hard time organizing the info. I bought micro demystified and the studygroup101 notes. I... Read More

  1. by   mochasouter
    Did you take it thru excelsior? How was it??
  2. by   Medic2Rn_7
    Mo, No I completed most of my Pre reqs at a local community college
  3. by   Medic2Rn_7
    @ Mo, E-mail me your info so we could study together pcollegeboy@yahoo.com
  4. by   Medic2Rn_7
    @ Reebok congrats on the completion, any tips for a motivated student. I am trying to be completed by october. Micro is my last Pre req, I am ready to take Health safety maybe 1 week after I take micro.
  5. by   mochasouter
    Ok. I sent you an email. Health and safety is a great choice to start with for the nursing exams....it was not bad at all....basic.
  6. by   mochasouter
    Ok....just did practice test A for micro...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People said this test was not bad??? They must have been talking about a different one....I only got 51/100....
  7. by   Medic2Rn_7
    Wow. Keep pushing
  8. by   JustNursn
    I'm also nervous. Originally scheduled to take the test last week then rescheduled to this week and will probably reschedule again. Didn't do well on practice exam A but pushing through. Good luck!
  9. by   Medic2Rn_7
    Need encouragement y'all, Im taking my microbiology exam tomorrow..... sooooooooo nervous.
  10. by   mochasouter
    Good Luck!!! You got this!!!!!!
  11. by   Medic2Rn_7
    we will see
  12. by   mochasouter
    Stop doubting yourself. If you think you will fail, you will fail....think positive!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!!!
  13. by   Medic2Rn_7
    Im going to pass!!