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Excelsior Health Differences Across the Life Span 1

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    Hi! I just finished taking my first 5 Excelsior Exams - got an A on Reproductive Health tonight.

    I am moving on to the Health Differences Across the Life Span (1-2-3) exams. I have read posts that state these exams are much more difficult than the previous ones. Also, I read that the Life Span practice exams are really nothing like the actual thing. I am nervous, since I was able to gauge most of my studying for the first group of exams based on how I did on the practice exams (and many questions were similar).

    Can anyone who's taken the Life Span exams comment on whether they were actually similar to the first 5 tests or if the approach to studying should be different (if in fact the practice exams were not that helpful).

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!

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    Hi, i need the same help myself. its alot of info.
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    I used the practice tests and they were helpful. I had to retake ls2 and ls3. The first version I took was not similar to the practice test, but the last version was very similar to the practice exam. I used the vango notes as well as the comprehensive Saunders.
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    Hi thk you for the input. So let me ask did you have to repay to take the test since they where nothing like the practice test. My spelling is not good at all. sorry. And can you tell me about vango notes? WHERE DO I FIND THEM AT.
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    You still pay to retake the tests. I found vango notes on audible and the iTunes store.
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    study the anatomy and physiology of heart, and lung.
    then study patho of these and also cancer.

    take EC practice test. it gives you good idea. it helps.
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    Thanks for that awesome advice! I have been taking the first Excelsior practice exam, reading the Study Group 101 notes, and then taking the second Excelsior practice exam. If I got an 80 or better and feel comfortable with the content ... I test. If not, then I run through the college network book. So far this has resulted in two A's and two B's. I took my time to read the actual exam carefully and use good test taking strategy on EVERY question. Not surprisingly, the two A's where on the exams that I read the college network books however that could just be because it was more material to explain rationales behind the bulleted point verses just memorization. I did not feel comfortable coming out of any of the exams. Based on your feedback, I plan on incorporating the two study prep guides into my mix. Reproductive Health is my next step. It's kind of exciting to see how many people liked Reproductive Health; I would love one more "good grade" before powering through the Life Span series.
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    I passed my exam: Transitions to the Professional Registered Nurse Role at a pearsonvue testing center here in south jersey. I must admit, there had to be at least 8 to ten familiar questions on the entire test of 130 questions that I felt confident about the answers I gave. The rest were definitely critically thinking skills used as best as I could from having an idea of what I've learned from actually studying. It was a difficult just like the other tests I'd took in the past. I have read many post on this blog about what others have advised someone to study or gave an idea of what they remembered - the only thing I can share with absolutely sincerity is that this exam did not have more than 3 questions on nursing organizations, past nursing theorists, reports on nursing (Pew Commission, The Brown Report, etc.). You have to totally study as much as possible in the recommended text(s) on the syllabus and critically think for the correct answers. I honestly studied enough stuff to teach an entire course and 90% of it wasn't even on that damn exam! It has been this way since I've started this program and taking these exams.