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Hello, looking for advice regarding the Excelsior College of Nursing LPN to RN degree. I just enrolled, and am looking for some "words of wisdom". Thanks, Marianne... Read More

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    I would advise you to DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD when you go test for your CPNE... i unfortunately was unable to complete the program, I flunked it 3 times...
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    Tricia-I'm new at all this.. But you were saying do what you are told.. Is that specifically on the day of cpne?? I'm nervous! I have taken transitions and HS, now HD... So far I've passed by studying practice exams and SG... But the CPNE scares me! Suggestions ?
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    Quote from Glenna, LPN
    I'm hating that class, it is the devil.
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    Quote from firegirl711
    Tricia-I'm new at all this.. But you were saying do what you are told.. Is that specifically on the day of cpne?? I'm nervous! I have taken transitions and HS, now HD... So far I've passed by studying practice exams and SG... But the CPNE scares me! Suggestions ?
    By the time you get to the CPNE, you'll have studied your brains out. One step at a time!!
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    Hi firegirl711

    By doing what you are told when testing your CPNE i meant, literally do what you are told. they are incredibly picky with documentation. I flunked coz i didn't write "NO EDEMA NOTED" on my notes during a skin assessment even though it was OBVIOUS that patient had no edema based on all the other stuff I wrote on the note!!! Also, I struggled with the CPNE because they require you to do a lot of stuff with patients, and I could tell that patients were getting incredibly aggravated and impatient, like, they regret having said yes to a student. I had no problems with their exams, it was just the clinical part that got me. Luckily I was able to get into a LPN-RN program in CA and am a RN now. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please let me know, I'd be glad to help!
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    For study materials I would suggest getting the Studyguide101 (sg101) set. It's like $60 for all 8 of the nursing courses. If you feel you're not able to get the material from that, then I would suggest getting the actual books. SG101 will save you a lot of money in that respect.

    I did all my gen eds at local community colleges and made sure they transferred first. As for micro, it's changed a lot in the past 3 years, let alone 15!
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    I am an RN working with 2 LPNs that are doing it.
    I think the school is a scam.
    Many of their friends fail on the first/pass on the second.
    One just failed because she said she would keep her patients head up. She failed to say ELEVATE at a 45 degree angle.FAIL. Seriously? poof- just took a couple of thousand from you. Scammers. THEN..as I watched her studying..she is doing nursing care plans. Really? We havent had a care plan since the 80's at a major university hospital. These are part of your clinicals? They say this is how you prove you can critically think? Um no. Doctor writes the orders and you have 6 other patients. Figure out if its a good order. If you try and waste my time thinking of careplans-no one would get any care. Even 20 yrs ago..careplans are preprinted and you pull them just for looks. You cant do your nursing careplan because the doctors have a different careplan. Pretty scared at what they are teaching these nurses to pass them. The nurse I work with wont be ready. Also- you have to do what they want- not necessarily what your institution does. I would like to see how more of the students failed....then you will see what I see. I know everyone wants a quick RN, however...clinicals are a learning experience. Not so with these people. They want you back..was told you are also treated differently your second time.(by the one I work with) These people make you mix insulin something we havent done in years. These nurses I work with are going to have a difficult time transitioning. I am nothing less than stunned at what I hear them say. If you post you passed..great..but it appears a minority..
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    Got your money, didnt they? And you are probably a good nurse..
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    The school is not a scam, nor is it a "quick RN." It's definitely not easy! When students sign up, they should be aware of what the CPNE entails. You are not getting the whole picture from your coworkers, either -- you don't fail the CPNE for just one thing. I passed my CPNE on the first try, and many other students do as well. YMMV.
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    @lssawyer We are also tested on running an IVPB without a pump, IVPs, and mixing insulins as a part of the four sim labs we must pass. When was the last time you did ANY of that, lol. I still don't necessarily think that is is a "scam" and I KNOW that it is neither a "quick" or "easy" RN.

    Clinicals are a learning experience but this program is designed for medical professionals who already have hands on experience, hence a clinical exam at the end in lieu of clinicals.

    The pass rate for the CPNE for the first time around is in the 60% range. It is low, but most who fail the first time will admit to how unprepared they were. It can feel nit-picky, but so can LPN/EMT skills test (we had to do head-to-toe assessments and other skills PERFECTLY in a set time for my EMT).

    Even if they are "scamming" me, I'm still better off. There is no way I could have done a traditional program and even paying for the CPNE twice, it will cost less than a traditional program (and I didn't have to wait a year or more to even START it).
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