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i am an lpn with 13 years experience in hospital setting however; i have not practiced in 7 years as i have gone into clinical research. i want to get my rn and have been reviewing excelsior college... Read More

  1. by   lejainnis
    Hello Everyone ~ Is there anyone in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) metropoliton area doing the LPN-to-RN program with Excelcior College? I need a study buddy or study group. Please contact me at lejainnis@gmail.com. Thanks:-)
  2. by   lizzyreg
    Hi LunahRN, do you know if there are other alternatives to paying for EC lpn-rn program? I am having a difficult time continuing the program due to inavailabilty of $$$$. Does college network or rue education assist in paying the fees? If they do, I don't mind going through them. Am trying to finish this program by December , please help, thanks.
  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I would caution you about involving any third-party companies like College Network or Rue -- they will just add money to the bottom line. You're better off paying as you go, as you can. EC has a payment plan -- have you looked at that? Your other option is a personal bank loan -- some students have done that as well.
  4. by   lizzyreg
    Thanks LunahRN for your response. The problem am having is finding someone to cosign when it comes to bank loans. Also, I appreciate the tip on the payment plan thing. I would definitely look into it. Also, do you by any chance know about any other colleges that offer Lpn to RN besides EC and ISU? I found out about Pratt college in kansas but I would have to wait till December to start.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Sorry, I don't really know of any others. How far along in EC's program are you?
  6. by   lizzyreg
    Just took health and safety and failed it. but I don't feel too bad about it though, at least, I should be able to get it right next time.
  7. by   JerseyBSN
    Excelsior is a great way for experienced LPN/LVN's to get their RN. Bottom line you have to know what a new graduate RN knows. Whether you learn it through work and/or through studying, it matters not, you know it, you pass it.

    Beware you must be a self motivated person or you'll be wasting your money. As for their RN-BSN, I personally wouldn't touch it.
  8. by   Pinky7284
    Hello, I am wanting to get my RN. i am a military spouse and have been in school for-EVER! and im ready to get my RN. we are in cali and will be moving to TN, I am very self motivated and talked to someone at excelsior today adn it felt like a good school to go to. for those who have done the program what are the pros/cons.. are you glad you made that choice? how difficult was the CPNE clinical? I will be testing (nclex) very soon for LVN.. wish me luck!

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