Excelsior College LPN to RN program questions - page 3

i am an lpn with 13 years experience in hospital setting however; i have not practiced in 7 years as i have gone into clinical research. i want to get my rn and have been reviewing excelsior college as a means to get this done.... Read More

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    Hello, I am wanting to get my RN. i am a military spouse and have been in school for-EVER! and im ready to get my RN. we are in cali and will be moving to TN, I am very self motivated and talked to someone at excelsior today adn it felt like a good school to go to. for those who have done the program what are the pros/cons.. are you glad you made that choice? how difficult was the CPNE clinical? I will be testing (nclex) very soon for LVN.. wish me luck!

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