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i am an lpn with 13 years experience in hospital setting however; i have not practiced in 7 years as i have gone into clinical research. i want to get my rn and have been reviewing excelsior college... Read More

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    Hello Everyone ~ Is there anyone in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) metropoliton area doing the LPN-to-RN program with Excelcior College? I need a study buddy or study group. Please contact me at lejainnis@gmail.com. Thanks:-)
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    Hi LunahRN, do you know if there are other alternatives to paying for EC lpn-rn program? I am having a difficult time continuing the program due to inavailabilty of $$$$. Does college network or rue education assist in paying the fees? If they do, I don't mind going through them. Am trying to finish this program by December , please help, thanks.
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    I would caution you about involving any third-party companies like College Network or Rue -- they will just add money to the bottom line. You're better off paying as you go, as you can. EC has a payment plan -- have you looked at that? Your other option is a personal bank loan -- some students have done that as well.
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    Thanks LunahRN for your response. The problem am having is finding someone to cosign when it comes to bank loans. Also, I appreciate the tip on the payment plan thing. I would definitely look into it. Also, do you by any chance know about any other colleges that offer Lpn to RN besides EC and ISU? I found out about Pratt college in kansas but I would have to wait till December to start.
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    Sorry, I don't really know of any others. How far along in EC's program are you?
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    Just took health and safety and failed it. but I don't feel too bad about it though, at least, I should be able to get it right next time.
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    Excelsior is a great way for experienced LPN/LVN's to get their RN. Bottom line you have to know what a new graduate RN knows. Whether you learn it through work and/or through studying, it matters not, you know it, you pass it.

    Beware you must be a self motivated person or you'll be wasting your money. As for their RN-BSN, I personally wouldn't touch it.
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    Hello, I am wanting to get my RN. i am a military spouse and have been in school for-EVER! and im ready to get my RN. we are in cali and will be moving to TN, I am very self motivated and talked to someone at excelsior today adn it felt like a good school to go to. for those who have done the program what are the pros/cons.. are you glad you made that choice? how difficult was the CPNE clinical? I will be testing (nclex) very soon for LVN.. wish me luck!