Are exam prices going up?

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    I been hearing that the prices for exams will be going up starting July 1st. Does anyone know if that is true?

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    I'm pretty darn sure they are. If you look on their website for pricing you can see they are listed at $305, the CPNE went up a little over $100, too. I tried to pay for all the rest of mine, but couldn't !! You can only be registered for a certain amount of exams, at a time. It's probably a good thing, since you only have six months to take, them after registering. I'm hoping to get them done, but you never know what life throws at you !! :-)
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    Wow, just checked it out myself once I read this and was hoping it was not much of an increase, but yep on July 1st the exams are going form $275 to $305. I have 2 exams left and will be paying those off before that change. Thanks for making it aware of the change! Forgot that each year EC makes changes.
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    Enrollment fee also increased to $1015.00
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    are the practice exams going up, too?
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    I remember when the exams were $60, $65 and the CPNE was like $950. Guess those were the days.
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    i was taking exams this time last year and all fees went up july 1st. guess theyre doing it annually. dont recallwhether practice exam fees went up or not.
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    Practice exams are still $75.
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    Next dumb question. I have two more tests to pay for. If I pay for one with the facts plan before the 1st, would I still get the same price? I would think I would.
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    6 years ago when I took CPNE gas prices were under $2.00 a gallon. Everything goes up.
    EC is still cheeper than going the traditional route. Sure the community college route is a little cheeper
    but don't forget to add the price of gas at over $3.00 a gallon and the sitter's fees onto the community college tuition
    and all the extra time needed to travel back and forth to classes 5 dyas a week and clinicals 2-4 days a week.

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