Decision to make Excelsior vs.... could use some imput

  1. Hi all,

    I will try and make this short but sweet. I began working toward my RN degree with EC in 2001. I did not finish and went on to persue other things also, was too nervous to do the CPNE. I am now ready to get this done. I am in refresher course now to get my LPN in good standing. After that I have a decision. Here it goes...
    1. I have no plans to finish my education with an Associate Degree but rather at the very least a BSN.
    2. The school I am in right now for refresher just opened an LPN to BSN program. They are not accredited yet but are approved, will hopefully be accredited soon.

    I am wondering if hospitals possibly a magnet hospital will even consider EC educated nurses? Also, I assume that the credits from EC don't transfer very well into other programs. Also, anyone having trouble working in different states due to the requirements?

    The second part of this is I would assume that it is a huge negative to go to a college that is not accredited.

    I am so nervous to make this decision - I could be done with excelsior in about a year or have my BSN through this other option in 3-3.5 years (I have prereqs to do and retake A&P and micro).

    any input is sooooo appreciated.


    (PS, my mother and sister are both EC graduates but I am not wanting to get into a discussion with them because they are so pro EC).

    Thanks Again!
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  3. by   tokmom
    The lack of accreditation would be very worrisome. I have one college nearby that has been trying for years. They still churn out nurses that can't sit for the NCLEX without jumping through tons of hoops.

    Magnet: I have never had a problem attaining employment with my degree anywhere in my state and that includes one very large magnet hospital. What would slow me down, if I wanted to go back, would be my lack of BSN.

    I'am currently ready to start my RN-BSN program and had no problems with Excelsior background. I will be doing an online program, but even the local brick and mortar had no issues with it. The only reason I did not go that route was due to an extensive waitlist.
    I did not want to do Excelsior RN-BSN due to the fact it's not valid in all states. I don't plan on moving, but for some reason I want that an option in case I do, lol.

    Good luck with your decision. I hope your school becomes accredited soon and you can continue to your BSN!
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    I have worked for two Magnet hospitals, both before I had a BSN. I am an EC grad. I agree with tokmom -- it's a gamble with the lack of accreditation for the other program, but I guess it would depend on where they are in the process.
  5. by   dianeorak
    Thanks! It seems I get more confused every day. I am almost done with my LPN remedial and will have that out of the way in January. I have met with a local college as well for a more traditional LPN-RN bridge (Daytona College).....but it seems so competitive and they won't take much of what I had already done at excelsior. It feels like my indecision is crippling me. I have eliminated the LPN-BSN option. I just need to decide EC vs Daytona State I think. Worries me that there are a couple of states where I could not work as an EC grad and some of the limitations/requirements for other states.....LunahRN looks like EC has worked for you. The thing that stopped me years ago from finishing with EC was the dreaded CPNE I don't think I could have handled it then...
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    Unless you maintained your enrollment with EC, you'll probably have to start over with them as well -- not sure, but it would be a good thing to ask. You could be starting from scratch either way, so it might be a better idea to do the program that doesn't limit you as far as where you can work, unless you know for sure where you'll live for the rest of your career. Good luck!!