CPNE date September 14-16 at Southern Regional Med Ctr

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    Passed FCCA July 9th. I completed my application July 27, got it approved July 28 and called in for a cancelation date on August 3rd and got my official CPNE date for September 14-16th at southern regional medical center. With the new FCCA changes you are able to get your CPNE date FAST. I'm so excited and ready to tackle this all together! Good luck to all studying for your CPNE !!

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    Congrats!!!! Sooooo exciting! Can not wait to get to that point. FCCA is September. Good luck with your studying and can't wait to hear your passing of the CPNE!! We all r cheering for you!!!!!
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    Thank you! That means a lot!!!!
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    congrats and good luck!
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    let the studying begin. Congrats and good luckto you.
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    What new FCCA changes? I'm taking the FCCA final aug 20th. Hoping to get a CPNE date before 3/13 since my union will pay for it before then.
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    With the FCCA going from paper to online the CPNE wait changed.
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    Oh. Well that's good. Hoping to get a date ASAP...
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    I test SRMC in NOv, wish me luck!!!
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    Good luck !

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