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    I graduated as an LPN back in 2007 and immediately started pursuing LPN to RN degrees at my local university. After realizing that my university was set up more to collect tuition dollars and less to produce a good RN, I sought out distance learning. I liked the idea and the flexibility of distance learning, and enrolled in Excelsior College in 2007. In August of 2009, I passed my CPNE and became a GN shortly after (which almost doubled my pay the instant my BON faxed my temp license to my employer).

    I found myself on allnurses and excelsior forums. I was trying to find validation that I was doing things right, and that I was not making a mistake by choosing distance learning. I found a few strangers here who posted detailed info and it really helped me.

    Since graduating, I have had a successful career, working in three different states and several different areas of care with salaries ranging from $60k to $90k. I have gotten to experience what RNs do in all sorts of settings. I have seen a whole new side of humanity and it has been very enlightening to me. Despite being warned otherwise, no employer has looked twice at where I got my degree, and I have not hit any snags with license endorsement. Personally I have found that employers look hard at my interview, experience, and references, not so much where I graduated or what my GPA was. I think that's sensible on the employer's part, too. Don't let any snooty students or co-workers make you feel like a lesser RN. Knowledge, critical thinking, and skill makes good RNs, and the source of those three things does not matter. Employers know that.
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    Hey Jake!! Great to see you. Glad it's working out so well for you.
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    You really did help me, Lunah. Thanks.
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    I feel I have to defend myself at work all the time, when co-workers ask me "Where are you doing your LPN to RN?" I don't think
    Excelsior is for everyone but it really works for me. If you need to be spoon fed information, then forget it. Thanks for posting, glad you haven't had any problems with your employeers.
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    Jake, good for you! I'm glad you are enjoying your career and it is not important where you received your education as long as it is an accredited institution.
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    If anything, Excelsior is WAY more difficult than a structured setting. As mentioned in the above post, we are NOT spoon fed!
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    Ya I really think local schools try to discredit distance learning as a self preservation thing. Also, you can imagine the bitterness of nurses who spent more money and took more time only to end up with the same jobs we have.
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    congrats to you! I graduated from EC 7 years ago and have worked in 5 states without my schooling ever have being questioned. I finished by BSN this year and have applied to grad school. Again, my EC education was never questioned. Man, it taught me well how to be focused and how to study on my own!

    good luck everyone!
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    Thanks for this post. I'm finishing up the program and am glad to hear about the progress of those who have been graduated for a while. Much continued success!
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    I'm glad someone like you got to read it.

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