Anyone in Ohio?

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    I have just started the process for enrollment at excelsior and wondered if there are any others from Ohio on here that are in it, out have been through it! I am anxious and nervous to get it started!
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    I don't live in Ohio, but I work very close to the Indiana-Ohio state border. I've taken one test, and I'm awaiting to see which transcripts I will get credit for before signing up for any more.
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    I live in Ohio and am just starting the enrollment process Friday!! scared to death since they can't answer general questions until I enroll! I went to a vocational school for my LPN so I have to do all my prerequisites( minus English and I took biology).
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    I'm in the Cleveland area of Ohio
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    Me too. I'm in cleveland heights
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    Hi Buckeyes!!
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    I am in Lima
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    I grew up there I'm in delphos now! How far are you into the program?
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    had been completing my prerequisites I'm about done now with those. Preparing to test for health safety. Want to be conplete by august of this year. What about you?
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    I just sent in transcripts and license. I am figuring what prerequisites to do first and how since I have to take them all except English..its frustrating me to say the least. I want to be done asap.