Advice on reproductive health exam

  1. 0 Hello everyone! I plan to take reproductive health the end of this month. So far I have been using the maternity section from the Saunders book, the cd, sg101, and EC practice exam A. I plan to take part B in the next week or so. Any advice or comments regarding this exam or any exam would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time.
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    I used sg101 and the practice exams. I used my old a&p text for diagrams and images to better put sg101 all together for me since my a&p was about 10 years ago. you could just as easily find images on the internet. I used saunders material for LS1 and I wasted a lot of time once I got to the exam. sg101 was basically the only thing needed.
    something else I did that I picked up in micro was people talking about Vangonotes which is like an audiobook summary of various textbooks. I didn't buy it, but what I did do is record myself reading sg101 notes. Then I would listen to myself as I read through the notes again a couple more times. I am a visual learner, but adding an audio component helped it sink in that much more, and helped me keep on task instead of daydream when reading through the material.
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    Hey thanks so much for your advice on those two exams!! I have a mini tape recorder n I think I will start recording myself reading sg101. I plan to take LS1 next month, how long did you prepare for this exam? I'm goin to take micro at the college I did my core.
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    10 days. it was the longest (besides micro) because I wasted all that time studying saunders when I should have just stuck to sg101.
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    O wow that's still good timing. I had to pick up extra shifts at my job to pay for the exams, so some days I can only study for two hours. Once I get repro done, I will try to invest more time.
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    where can one find sg101?I am taking the two nursing courses before enrollment and then try and get saunders this week.Is exam cram ok instead of saunders pls?thanks you for your help.
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    0 each cd is 11.50 total u can also get them on eBay. I'm not sure about exam cram though.
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    You can also download them directly for a cheaper price instantly.

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