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  1. My book is now at the publishers. The entreprenuer in me has to come out now.
    Regardless of what service you have to offer the public, if they dont know about it,
    then they wont come to you. I am now on the marketing phase.. I guess this is the final phase because the marketing never ends. I went into the medical field because I no interest in the business world. I guess I am in the business world now.. I honestly dont know what to do.

    1. Word of mouth: Doing it
    2. Business Cards: got 5000 cards
    3. Free PR websites: send press releases to them
    4. Facebook: on it
    5. Linkedin: on it
    6. Blogging: Doing it, to a degree
    7. Radio and Television: gonna wait till I have a good in my hand
    8. Considering using a PR service: Cost $$$, but gonna
    9. Amazon: gonna have my book sold on amazon, Barnes/noble, and IBook
    10. Having my book reviewed by several different agencies
    11. I have a website for my book
    12. Gonna coordinate and do a booksigning
    13. Newspaper interviews: starting local at first, I have postcards that I will make to send to newspapers to be used as a press release..

    Anyone have any ideas how to get the word out about my book ?
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  3. by   sirI
    Looks like you've covered just about all your bases.

    If you can swing the expense, billboard promotion of your book.

    Sandwich board advertising.

    Check out this link about 8 ways to use social media:

    I personally like the "re-tweet" button.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Yiggs
    Congratulations on being so proactive and ambitious. I wrote a book a couple years ago titled, "Heart Talk." How To Express Negative Feelings in a Positive way. I had a press release in the daily paper with my picture and a narrative about the content of the book. You could also search on line for people/places that do free book reviews. To my surprise someone from New York sent me a copy of a review on my book done by a writer for a New York news paper. Don't know how that person heard about it; also a student nurse saw my name and asked me if I wrote a book, I said yes and she said her instructor was quoting in class from it! (that was very flattering for me.)

    I had my book in several Hallmark stores and one local bookstore. I haven't done a reprint on it and I am planning to republish as an e-book soon. What is your book about? How you market it will depend on your target audience and where they are located. If you offer more information on content I might have suggestions (unless you did so in a previous post).

    All the best and keep us informed.
  5. by   patrick1rn
    Hello Yiggs,

    Regarding content:

    I will send you an email to answer your queestion , I dont want to violate the comment policy on this place
  6. by   patrick1rn
    Another area I am looking into "exploiting" are catalogs.. People like catalog,people buy stuff from catalogs.. it is a win win situation
  7. by   Nurs4NursIntl
    Hi Patrick1rn.. congratulations on the book! I have 2 - one traditional, 1 self-pub. You're the work begins. So...a couple thoughts:
    1. do you love your book?
    2. do you have an 'elevator pitch' that is so compelling that someone who is not your relative will want to read it?
    3. do you know exactly who your target audience is? (if it is written for nurses - there are 3 mil. RNs, 900,000 LPNs, 32% are in non-acute care setting, average age 48, etc., etc...which nurses, where, how old, which setting, urban/rural, etc...)
    4. how is it published...self, traditional, e-book? each has unique targeted strategies
    5. what does your book give the reader - what experience will they have? (inspired, take action, learn, etc...)
    6. did you write a book proposal to a publisher? (if not - check out the big houses and their guidance [Elsevier, Jones & Bartlett, Sanders, etc...])
    7. do you have any supplemental; materials - like faculty materials, pp, study guide, etc.?
    8. 2 book recommendations: Guerriilla Marketing for Authors and The Author's Guide to Building an Online Platform; Chandler
    9. You don't sound too excited...if you're not, this may not be the path 4 you and you might want to hire a publicist or someone who loves marketing...It takes a ton of energy - positive energy will serve you better
    Best wishes!! and have fun
  8. by   bbfw2
    Sounds like you are doing everything right. Now you need patience

    In the meantime, whenever anyone asks you what you do for a living, tell them you are a writer (and a nurse). Time to walk the talk and vise versa. The more you do this the more it will feel very real to you.

    You should also start on your next writing project. If you are not sure of what you would like to write about next, try visiting and bid on some writing jobs there. I like writing as well, I like being the "known" author but I also like to make money.

    Give it a try
  9. by   MikeyBSN
    Can you send me a PM and tell me what your book is about?
  10. by   Williams75
    Could you share how was you journey to write your book? I have so many ideas but I don't know where to start it? Thanks!!
  11. by   patrick1rn
    William75, the Journey was hectic and full of disappointments. I had the idea to write my 1st book based on my multiple combat tours as a combat medic. No, not as a nurse but as a combat medic. I went to a local company her in Indianapolis that also has a self publishing section. I hired two book editors /proofreaders and paid them for their work. I paid for everything: to get the book published, to have it proofread and I paid to have it publicized. I know the story of the self published author, they rarely make money on selling of the book. So I sent the book to several publishing companies. One company that specializes in the genre that my book is in likes my work and they picked it up. They want to sell it as a E Book with a decent percent of the profits going to me, but more to them. I am cool with that.

    Here is what I would suggest Williams75, transform your ideas into writting, dont worry about spelling or grammer initially, but write down the ideas, then go back and make order out of the chaos. Then go back and clean out the grammer and in correct spelled words.

    Start finding publishing companies that accept unsolicited authors.. unsolicited because you dont have an agent representing you. Or find a book agent.. what ever you do.. dont self publish. It is not a good way to make money. The company that is publishing my book has the machine in place to market and publicise way more than me.

    if you dare to self publish, be wary for book distributors that want to scam you. I was ripped off by a company out of ohio that seems legit. The self published way is the hardest way to go. I am lucky I produced a peice of writting that made it !
  12. by   Yiggs
    Hi Patrick, congratulations on your soon to be converted e -book. Do you still own the rights to your book or you sold the rights to the company who is re packaging your book. I am also thinking of re-doing my book Heart Talk as an e-book. Did you have to pay this company any money up front for picking up the publication of your book?
  13. by   patrick1rn
    Hi Yiggs, The copyright of my book is still in my name. I did not pay this company to pick up the ebook at all. I have an ebook of my book made before , but it was a copy of the same soft cover book. They are changing the cover art and treating it like any other work. I have learned the scams that so called publishing companies charge self published authors and I have learned my lessons.
  14. by   Williams75
    Hi patrick1 RN,Thank you so much for your reply. I am thinking to write my experience as an RN in USA. I never wrote any piece so far. Any suggestions how to get started?