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  1. Just last week, I received a letter in the mail explaining to me that I was being investigated for working without a massage establishment license. This completely shocked me because I thought I was following the law and doing everything correct, but it turns out I'm not. To make a very complicated story very short, suffice it to say that in the state of FL, even if there are two seperate businesses being run out of the same space, each business has to have their own seperate establishment license.

    I know that I (unknowingly) messed up. I am prepared to take full responsibility for whatever my punishment will be - and it will be months before I find out what that is. In perusing the minutes from past board meetings, it seems that most people in a situation similar to mine are given a reprimand (does anyone know what this means?) and a hefty fine. Of course, there is ALWAYS the risk that the state board could revoke my license, but I don't see that happening for my situation. At least I pray to god not.

    My question is this: in a few months, I'll be applying to nursing school. I know that each state and each situation are different, but does anyone here see a reason that I would be denied a nursing license? I would hate to enter nursing school and spend thousands of dollars on a career that might never be. It breaks my heart that I am in this situation. I have never so much as gotten a speeding ticket!

    Any thoughts or opinions would be GREATLY appreciated. Should I plan on applying to nursing school and cross my fingers or is a nursing career lost to me forever?
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  3. by   massageRN
    This is a little beyond my scope of practice, perhaps consulting a lawyer may be in order.
  4. by   ONSnrs
    i am an RN LMT in Florida and this happened to me as well when i was working as an LMT while going to nursing school. NO problems in getting my nursing license, and im real careful to physically view a massage est lic now before working as an LMT in there est.

    hope this helps ya ;-}
  5. by   caliotter3
    Conjecturing on this would be considered providing legal advice, which is not allowed per the terms of service. You need to consult an attorney before you have any dealings with the board.

    Noted that the OP was in January. Certainly hope that this has been favorably resolved by now.
  6. by   ONSnrs
    not conjecturing just relating what happened to me,,,but thank you for your advice callioter3 God Bless