Pediatric Nurse Consultant practice

  1. I have worked in home health pediatrics, postpartum and Mother-baby program for past 10 years. I am currently working as an IC for an agency, but they are changing their status to employer, and decreasing our salary by 30 %. So I have decided to go independent on my own as an agency.
    My initial idea is to work as a consultant for doula's agencies, childcare centers, pediatric visits, respite care for foster parents, newborn specialist etc.
    Initially, I will charge private pay, but in meanwhile I will work on my medicaid NPI number.
    In addition, I am getting my CPN ( certified pediatric nurse) to have more credibility in my area. What do you think? Is it a marketable idea?
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  3. by   NedRN
    If you are doing the same job for an agency, of course it is feasible. There is no reason why you can't set up an agency and employ yourself. Back office stuff (for Medicare/caid coding and billing) may be more economical with more employees, but for now you can outsource it.
  4. by   tewdles
    I believe that you are correct in thinking about the marketing....that will be the greatest challenge me thinks
  5. by   sandraspiers
    Do you still have to have a physician collaborator? just wondering, I have been an NP for 6 years and independant practice is where the real money is I have heard. My mom has her own practice with a physician collaborator and does really well.
  6. by   RNOB
    I am an FNP and interested in starting something as well. Have you guys had luck? What are you doing?