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  1. Hello All,

    I am looking for some fun and creative ways to market my business (care management for seniors and disabled adults). I made a list of the primary care clinics and rehab facilities in my area so I am mailing a cover letter and brochures to each location, followed up a phone call one week later to verify they received it and ask if they have questions.

    I also made flyers and I'm looking for places to hang them, though I'm having a difficult time with it because many places no longer allow people to hang flyers. I'm trying to target pharmacies, grocery stores, and gas stations. Can anyone think of other areas I might consider trying to hang flyers?

    I have car magnets & a website too. Does anyone have any other marketing ideas or things that have worked for them? Any ideas you have are appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    Best regards,
    Amanda Tillema
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  3. by   Yiggs
    What does your business entail? I think it would be easier to advise you on marketing ideas if one knows what service you will be marketing. Although I don't know exactly what you will be doing, it seems you will be providing a service to a particular 'patient' or client population. If you work in a hospital you could give your brochures and business cards to Physicians and Case Managers who often advise patients/clients on community resources. Good luck in your business endevours
  4. by   lindy_
    Ask your local Meals on Wheels agency if they can distribute your flyer with their meal delivery. I send our flu clinic dates and times this way and it works out well.
  5. by   passionflower
    Try taking out an ad in some local newspapers, also give them a story about your business they are always looking for local features.

    As far as marketing hosting free workshops or seminars at a local community center or library on a topic concerning your business is a great way to get the word out. Maybe offer free consultations for a limited time. All of this can be done in an hour or two so don't think you have to go overboard.

    Also, don't forget creating an online message board or forum gets your business a widespread audience.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Isabelle49
    Don't forget Churches. Senior Citizen Centers (day care types). Try to get a rapport going with hospitals that offer mental care for the elderly, they are a large population.
  7. by   Amanda.RN
    These are all fantastic ideas!! Thanks everyone!!!
  8. by   itsmediane
    There are too many gatekeepers in the physician offices and clinics. Your information may never get to "the decider" :-). It's great to do the one week followup call and the fact that you sent the letter/brochure gives you a reason to make this that is a great idea(as long as you can speak with the person who makes the decisions).

    A way to get past the gatekeepers is first to know who is the person who makes the decision. Next send them "lumpy mail"--mail that has to sit on top because of its shape. You could include a minature flip flop saying...wanted to get my foot in the door and then show them what you have to offer once you have their attention. Or send very important contacts a box by fedex etc with maybe cookies with a note are some cookies to enjoy as you read the information I've sent you. The key is to get to the person who makes the decisions. This does not have to be expensive. If you get $1000 worth of business and you spend $10...isn't it worth it?

    You can do sequential mailings. It usually takes more than one contact for someone to refer/buy from you.

    A newsletter is a good idea also. You can not only send these out to clients but also have a newsletter sent to people who refer you clients. Show them how you are helping their patients and give them helpful tips that will benefit them also.

    I could keep going on... :-)