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    yes, I'm a resident of Southern Cali. Riverside Co.
    Thank you so much! You've just made my day
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    Does anyone have any idea why Medicare reimburses RN's in some states and not others? I attempted to apply for a Medicare Provider # in Wisconsin today, but was denied (you need to be a Nurse Practitioner, Registered Dietician, Social Worker, etc). I know that Registered Nurses in California and other states are able to obtain a Medicare Provider # to bill Medicare. Medicare is a federal program - why can RN's bill in some states but not in others? Any information or news articles about this would be greatly appreciated. I'm considering writing my Governor to see if the law in this state can be changed. Thanks again for any info you have!

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    Hi Ciege 911,
    How did you get your NPI?
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    Quote from MRJ1031
    I too am trying to get my INP number. Any help on how to get started or just to tutor me thru would be greatly appreciated. So far help from other nurses has not worked, maybe because they think I'm trying to steal potential jobs. haha
    The thread "private duty nurse" by nurse marie (started 8/17/1999) has really good information on how to get those provider #s. Being billing independently as an RN, LPN, or NP depends on your state.

    From reading all these posts, it seems a nurse (who wants to provide nursing services independently) would 1st get the tax ID # at the IRS web site.

    (2) Obtain nursing malpractice insurance (e.g., NSO)

    (3) Obtain the NPI # at the CMS web site

    (4) Obtain the Medicare provider # at the CMS web site

    (5) Obtain the Medicaid provider # from your state (since Medicaid is state-by-state).

    (6) Advertise in craigslist, professional associations and organizations, your state's Alzheimer's Association, newspapers, word-of-mouth, personal web site about your services. (start a local group of private duty nurses or independent nurse contractors for referrals, etc)

    Anything steps missing for those who are experts at this?
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    Gosh this thread is old, but I was looking on the medi-cal site for the inp provider application for nurses and i just saw the one for np's. i did see the app for any categories not that the correct one for RNs? also where did you find the info for the criteria to apply as far as your experience is concerned? thanks . i dont know how to private message!!!
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    im in cali i am a inp but not sure if we can bill medicare does anyone have info
  7. by   imblessed
    site and look under forms
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    One can not bill Medicare for Home Health skilled nursing visits as independent provider. You can do that from Medicaid.
    Nurse Practitioners may bill independently under both programs.
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    Also in Cali and cannot find the correct forms for LVN.. Does anyone know the exact forms needed.. Also going to be doin homecare ...
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    Does anyone know how much medicare pays for initial home visit certification by NPs?