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  1. I am a Registered Nurse. My husband is a Radiology Technologist. We would like to start a business together but are unable to think of anything that would utilize both specialties.
    My mother is also a Registered Nurse and I would love to start a business with her as well but still are having problems coming up with ideas for businesses.
    They both/either are interested in the idea of being the owners of a business and open to ideas as well.
    HELP! Any idea is better than the ideas we don't have. Thanks.
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    Where are you?
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    Love Texas ... with your RN you can hang your shield in any kind of nursing business you want. Hospice is good also case management agencies are hot also home health is good. Do you have any backers or are you business experienced?

    I know many RNs who have developed their own case management agency. They're all different in each state but they are the ones who send in the monthly RN into the adult foster care homes and monitor the patients who are either elderly or disabled living in private homes managed by a CNA or better.

    Basically you can do what you want in the nursing field. I have another friend who opened up their own business advising lawyers and businesses on medical matters, deciphering medical records etc...

    Good luck to you.
  6. by   aleakate
    Thank you! I thought I had listed off every possible nursing job but you gave me a few more ideas!
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    You can start whatever nursing business you want. Two great resources that have helped me are Nurse entrepreneur network and National Nurses in Business Association. Both sites are paid sites but they do provide enough information to get you started for free. Sign up for their newsletters and email them, both owners of the sites are very willing to answer your questions.
    Good Luck! Hope this helps.

    Tina Lanciault RN
  9. by   itsmediane
    Your husband could start a radiology staffing business that would provide coverage to hospials/facilities when they have no coverage.