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  1. Okay, I found out that I have completely fallen in love with Aesthetic Nursing! It is truly where i belong and fits well with my passion. My dream is to start my own Med-Spa in the near future and will take the necessary steps to achieve this. My question is for those who have experience as an RN (NP as well) owning their own Med-Spas is what are the steps that i need to take to start my own business. Right now I'm deciding whether I should work and practice aesthetic nursing, take a course to get licensed and become a Nurse Aesthetician, or go back to school and become a Nurse Practitioner so I can work independently. As you can see i'm a little confused and need some advice on what's the first step i should do as a current RN who wants to own her own Med-Spa. Thanks
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  3. by   Missy89
    I'm currently a med surg RN in an fnp program looking to do a career change and leave the hospital. Any advice on how to become an RN in this field? I've recently found an interest in it.
  4. by   NedRN
    LadyMystic, this post is rather late so perhaps you have already figured things out. Yes, I think you need some training in the procedures you will be doing, and you may want to start by working for an existing practice. Ideally you will want to be highly proficient, enough so that you can train others. When you are comfortable with your skills is when you want to start thinking about business, unless you just want to be a manager and hire others.

    From a business perspective, you need to do a lot of stuff. You need some working capital (or line of credit) to rent an office and purchase/lease the equipment you need and living expenses while you grow your business. You also need a physician to be your medical director. Mostly that involves his reviewing records and writing orders so it is easy money for them - I gather 100K a year is perhaps the going price. You also need a state business license as you may need to collect sales tax on products or services, and you need to find out if there are other state licenses or inspections you need. You may need safety protocols etc in writing to have available for OSHA or accrediting agencies. You also need to examine how you will market your business, that is find clients. An accounting system will have to be set up.

    Just a little intimidating eh? But the place to start is gaining confidence in your clinical skills.

  5. by   LJ85
    What does this field of nursing entail? Ive never heard of it...