Would love opinions? New age-y wellness, self esteem and wt. loss...

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    Hi all -

    I've been talking to some people and have this idea in my head that I would love to get some feedback on.

    I'd like to offer a wellness center (starting off with space in an existing business) geared towards overweight and obese folks. Mostly, I see this as a support and a place where people can get information without being shamed.

    I would offer classes like yoga, chair exercise, walking, meditation/guided imagery - and also provide basic information about heart health, DM, HTN. Of course, there would be information about diet (not dietS) and activity. I would have weekly weigh ins and one on one support that is positive and affirming.

    My street cred - I have a couple of degrees (one in psyc) and am an RN (though I work with peds.) Mostly, though, I am 5'2" and weighed around 200 pounds two years. I'm now a healthy weight with two kids and generally a very happy person. I think weight has such a huge spiritual and psychological component that is rarely acknowledged, let alone addressed. My husband is a cardiovascular specialist, paramedic, working on his RN - and he would help with all this.

    I'm also a big community networker - and plan on affiliating with some awesome therapists, certified trainers, RDs and health care providers (?) so that each person has a sort of personalized path that they can follow.

    This is very early, but I'd love to hear any thoughts. Crazy idea?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I love this idea. I have a similar dream of offering the same type of services to pregnant women and postpartum or lactating women. It would be a lot of work but I think well worth it.
    Good luck with this. Let me know how it goes!

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    so what did you do, sounds great, I am also interested in wellness and holistic health.. do you have a plan?
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    I'm new to this sight. I've been working as a paid wellness nurse for 6 years. My plan is to train nurses to be health coaches. Let me know what you think. thanks Debbie
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    There are NO crazy ideas. If you LOVE it, DO it!
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    I think it sounds like a great idea! It is great to see people that make new paths in nursing especially to help others. I think that your idea would go over well. Good luck to you!
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    Quote from aprilr
    I think it sounds like a great idea! It is great to see people that make new paths in nursing especially to help others. I think that your idea would go over well. Good luck to you!
    Your ideas are great, and it is an inspiration as well. keep us posted. I would love to network with you guys, us nurses can make a wealth of difference nursing.
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    Healthcoach, Just what do you teach? Have you been successful? And what are your credentials? I am interested in establishing a health coaching business as well. nanacarol
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    I have worked ER for years, just got my certification as clinical hypnotherapist and I'm going to start my own business.
    I also want to teach meditation.
    If people could just have the opportunity to get in touch with who they REALLY are, they'd see how totally amazing they are.
    Can't beat that:-)
    Good luck to all of you!
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    RedcarRN, great for you. I would love to start my business as a health/wellness coach. My hesitation is related to the economy and living in an area where money is tight. What do you think? Nanacarol

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