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Testing Franchise, Lab tests without MD order?

  1. 0 I have been looking into business opportunities, a few pop up I'm interested in; 1.) Any Lab Test Now, and 2.) The Drug Test Consultant. Was wondering how are these places able to perform Lab Tests without an MD order or even MD knowledge? Does this violate any practice acts (RN)? Any thoughts?
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    Hmmm - what type of f/u do you have for abnormal tests? And...do you bill the pt or insurance?
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    There is no billing, basically, people come in and have lab tests done and pay right then. I don't know the procedures for f/u but I assume they must have something in place (hopefully)!
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    Hmmm - how would you know what test to order as a layperson? I mean this seems to open a lot of doors but testing isn't an end in itself. What are you/they doing with these results?
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    I am not actually affiliated with any of the Franchises, just looking into different options. I don't know what f/u is in place.

    Is it my understanding that people come in and order the tests they want and pay for them without insurance as far as I know. They then get the results from the same Lab/Franchise. I wonder if some people even do this anonymously, if they pay cash?

    My original question is; as RN, I have always gotten an order for lab tests (after explaining what's going on), so not having an order could violate practice acts? Your right TraumaRUs- this does open lots of doors (and cans of worms!).
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    You need an MD order because the lab cannot bill insurance without the UPIN of the ordering doctor. I think it is a financial thing and also the lab needs somebody to take responsibility for the results.

    I do not know if there is another governing body requiring an order though.

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