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:kiss Hi all! I am in the process of starting a homebased bus for private nursing in the home. Independent contracting. I have spent a lot of time developing the necessary forms for pt files. Does... Read More

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    Lois Jean, The alternative.... M-care does not pay for LTC unless there is a hospitalization for 3 days, then they only pay for 100 days... or so. In my state, the Senator is trying to pass a bill that will allow M-caid to file liens against property owned by LTC residents to recover costs. LTC's are all for this new bill because if it doesnt pass they'll lose funds. Many elderly just need a nurse for BS checks or catheter changes or med set-up. It is alot cheaper to hire a nurse for one or two visits per month than to pay 3000.00 a month for LTC and risk losing every thing. Our country, as good as it is, does not take care of its' seniors. I really feel strongly about this. I'm sure I'm the only nurse in my area doing this and there's not enough of me to go around. My intention is to supply the demand by educating the public. Many elderly have no clue until they're hit with the issue, and all those LTC ins. companies never seem to kick in. Funny how that works isn't it? T

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