Lice treatment services????

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    I'm wondering if there are any like-minded "lousy nurses" who have worked with a head lice treatment service?
    Now that I'm approaching retirement from a long-standing school nurse position I wonder about free-lancing as a Lice Lady who would go to the home and - for a fee! - deal with the cases of head lice in the family!
    Are there any state regs ( Indiana) I need to check out?
    Feedback please!

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    You know, I was really grossed out at first by the thought. Then I started thinking about some of the other things I do at work---

    So long as person could control environment somewhat maybe it wouldn't be bad for right amount of money.

    When my daughter was in first grade she contracted lice. It was an awful humiliating experience because of the school I think it could have been different if there had been a nonjudgmental person to both help us and guide us thru that experience. My granddaughter in Georgia had a classmate that was injured because her parents cut her hair very short and then soaked her scalp in kerosine!!

    So I could see where this service-done by the right person- could be of great benefit Lots of education and no shaming. Feedback as well as physical help getting rid of nits and teaching them how to deal with house etc. my daughter kept getting reinfected because I never thought about the cloth seats of our van-where she rested her head-as a source that needed to be treated
    I would have great fully paid for the above service. I'd be interested in hearing more. If you develop this idea more
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