Idea -- laying out poster presentations for nursing conferences Idea -- laying out poster presentations for nursing conferences | allnurses

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Idea -- laying out poster presentations for nursing conferences

  1. 0 I want to start a business laying out poster presentations for nurses that would like to present at nursing conferences. They can send me slides, pictures and graphs and i can do the time part. Do you think anyone would use the service? where would i advertise? any idea would be great! I do this for myself every year and also do all the graphics for my co-workers. I love it and figure i can make a couple of bucks on the side. thank you all. jeannie
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    I would TOTALLY pay for that! It took me F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to turn my last project into a poster. I HATE that kinda stuff.

    I would probably go up to $50-$75 if you formatted the stupid pie charts and graphs.
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    I was thinking exactly along those lines. $50 for basic. $75 for economy. $100 and up for upgraded with individual design. I won't do graphs for someone else's presentation because i can see data sets with 1000's of entries
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    Well, I had the data compiled (in other word, I knew I needed a pie chart divided up 31/ 38/16/15) just needed the chart formatted. I hate that stuff soooo much. It took me a couple of days to format the last poster I did - and I still wasn't happy with it. But it got the job done - it's in the running for presentation at Magnet this year!
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    Geek that i am actually love that stuff. I actually love the numbers and the framing and formatting.... i finish my 2 posters every year and want to do others and end up helping everyone at work with their poster presentations. The worse was a colleague who handed me hundreds of surveys and said "pass these out, collect them and put this together".....ugh refusal was my only way out hahahaha .............. Good luck on your poster ..... Hope you win!