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    Gosh this thread is old, but I was looking on the medi-cal site for the inp provider application for nurses and i just saw the one for np's. i did see the app for any categories not that the correct one for RNs? also where did you find the info for the criteria to apply as far as your experience is concerned? thanks . i dont know how to private message!!!

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    im in cali i am a inp but not sure if we can bill medicare does anyone have info
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    site and look under forms
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    One can not bill Medicare for Home Health skilled nursing visits as independent provider. You can do that from Medicaid.
    Nurse Practitioners may bill independently under both programs.
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    Also in Cali and cannot find the correct forms for LVN.. Does anyone know the exact forms needed.. Also going to be doin homecare ...
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    Does anyone know how much medicare pays for initial home visit certification by NPs?
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