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I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, as well as an RN. My true passion is for fitness, but I'm not quite ready to give up on my nursing degree. I've been trying to think of a way to combine my nursing... Read More

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    I am so excited to see that I am not the only one who feels this way about fitness and nursing!

    I am trying to figure out a way to get my career heading in a different direction. Pushing pills and dealing with all the behind-the-scenes drama is NOT for me. I guess I didn't realize what I had signed up for and it has me very depressed.

    My dream and goal is to open a wellness center and work in a more upbeat and positive environment where I can help educate and inspire others to get fit and healthy.

    The problem is I really don't know where to begin. As my first step I am looking into becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and also looking at some of the certifications that are mentioned above. I am researching as much as I can online but other than here on All Nurses, I really haven't been able to find that much information about tying the two together.

    I know some of the posts on here are from a couple of years ago so I am very curious to find out if anyone has actually branched out and made fitness nursing work for them? Does anyone else have any tips or advice for a newbie in this area! And lastly, are there any nurses in the Phoenix area who are interested in doing something like this? I would love to partner up with anyone who has the same ideas and passions!


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    Have you checked out ACSM (American college of Sport Medicine)? They have a pretty strong voice in the health and fitness world. Their certifications include that of personal trainer, exercise specialist, and exercise physiologist (the last one requires a masters degree as a prerequisite). The specialist and physiologist certification allow you to work with clients that have health problems but need a supervised exercise program.
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    I am very happy that I found this thread. I feel the same way that most you feel. Fitness is my true passion and I would love to be able to have a career where I can utilize both the nursing and fitness aspects. I would specifically like to get into Sports Training. I am considering going back to school and getting a degree in Kinesiology and also a degree in Nutrition. I would love to have a job title that would allow me to utilize my RN license as well as the other 2 degree. Have any of you RNs had any success utilizing fitness and nursing in your career?
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    I have a minor in physical education, in addition to my BSN. It was my goal to pursue a career in fitness combined with my nursing degree.

    I found out in a short period of time, that exercise physiologists have pretty much cornered the market.

    As the fitness craze became popular, they set up companies to do fitness testing, consulting, they obtainted lucrative contracts to do the cardiac testing for the police departments, and fire departments physicals, resented the presense/interest of an RN in the same career field. Acted like I was a HS dropout interloper, instead of an experienced critical care nurse.

    Problem was solved when I moved to Washington State, and there was no market like there was in California. I forgot about pursuing that option. Look into it in your community and see what the market is, who is doing the testing for big companies, and departments in the government. Don't count on getting a job in a health club. They hire new college grads with Bachelors Degrees in Physical Education, and, (this was 25 years ago), paid them the princely sum of $6.00 and hour.

    Even the individuals who had graduate degrees in nutrition were paid the same paltry sum.

    The moral of the story is, you would be better off looking for a niche, that is, at the moment, uncharted, and expoit it to the max.

    You also need to factor in the economy. When people do not have enough money to pay their bills, mortgage, car payment, put food on their table and gas in their car, they will be reluctant to spend money on fitness. Unless it is a low cost agency, etc, that is affordable. You can always try a military base, and see if there is an interest there. But the base fitness centers, hire exercise physiologists in their fitness centers, who are federal employees, with benefits etc, can get transfered to bases overseas, etc. Good jobs!

    PM me if you have any more questions.

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Somewhere in the PACNW
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