Elder Daycare

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    My dad used to go to Adult Day Care three days a week. It gave my mom a break, and he thought he was going to a club; he loved it!

    Does anyone know how I can find out about opening a Day Care Center for adults?

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    I know in ohio there are several types. one is a social model and one is a health care model where they do treatments and such. I know there are health care regulations and maybe your state health department can help you with that. If your thinking about accepting different payors such as a waivered program they have their own regulations.

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    Thanks ren. I don't even know what "waivered" means. I'm so green! Where my dad went, if they became incontinent or started to wander, they were out. This seemed to be what you call a social model.

    I'll contact the Ohio Health Dept!
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    Good place to start. Some of the day cares take Passport clients which is an Ohio waiver partially federal and partially state funded to keep people home and out of nursing homes. I worked an adult day care and loved it till I was laid off. What part of Ohio do you live in? I might be able to give you some names of people to talk to if you want-if it is in an area where I know some one. I am from NW Ohio but now live in Columbus.

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    I'm in SW Ohio. After visiting three of these day care centers today, I think I'm shelving this idea. It seems some big Nursing Homes have gotten involved in this area. I saw some very nice facilities, and I know I can't compete with the services they're providing (all for Medicaid reimbursement)!
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    Nancy - that's the secret. Do not try and compete. Offer something more personalised, private, in home etc. etc. Smaller businesses, even in healthcare, get breaks on what gets licensed. Consult small business bureaux etc. Think about looking at independentrn.com

    RNs can be independent medicaid providers in most states. Check out your state.
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    Yes I would not give up. Tour some smaller private ones. The big one would be hard to compete with. Some people want smaller ones for more personal attention.

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    Thanks J NJ and renarian! I'm headed to FL for a week long "girls week" then I'll come back and look at this again! Than k you both for the encouragement!

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    Nancy - if you're still interested in this, PM me. I would be happy to share my experiences in adult day care (six years.) NADSA is a nat'l organization for adult day service providers.


    Here is your state's adult day service association.

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    Nancy: DO NOT GIVE UP THIS IDEA! Believe me, this type of care for the elderly is going to be very much needed and in the near future, I might add. The health care model is the one that will be in demand.

    Peace, and let it begin with me,
    Lois Jean

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