CPR Business Anyone????

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    I am a RN in the midwest and have started a CPR & First Aid instruction business. I teach to doctors offices, daycares, churches, nursing schools, nursing homes, DDS offices, law enforcement etc. I am also talking with a local junior college about teaching in their community education program

    I have my own equipment (manikins, AED trainer) and I go on location or arrange a classroom somewhere.

    Is there anyone else out there doing the same? I am in the process of writing and publishing a manual on how someone can start their own business. (Out fall 2007)

    Well got to go I am teaching an OB/GYN office tomorrow after work and need to get my papers ready.


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    Two of the local providers in my area are businesses started by nurses like yours. The other provider I have used is the Red Cross. The two businesses have been doing this for at least 20 years and fulfill a local need. I have been finding that the education depts of local employers, are routinely not allowing non-employees to take classes at their institutions anymore; even CPR. This can be quite a problem when you forget your renewal is coming up and there are no classes open, or you are not able to find the providers. Good luck on your endeavor. Our state requires CEUs for CNAs also. Some of the providers include these in their curriculum also, another idea, for when you want to expand your operation.
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    thank you for your reply. Yes, many hospitals have had to downsize their education departments and it is difficult just maintaining their own employees, and even more so now with the new standards for BLS/ACLS/PALS. So, in comes me, I am not going to get rich doing this, but I REALLY enjoy conducting my classes. You mentioned the CEU for CNAs, funny you should say that, in Ohio STNA/CNA who work in Skilled Nursing/Extended care/LTC whatever you want to call it must have 12hrs of formal inservice a year. I have been looking at starting to offer that service also. I am a Nursing Supervisor and in our hospital we have a SNF and I conduct the STNA training, so I thought about offering that to local SNF. Maybe offer 6 hours every 6 months. Do you have anyother information on that CNA CEU????

    Thanks Steve
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    Sorry I don't have any specific info on the CNA CEUs, other than our state requires 12 hrs also. I would think that you could easily get the ok from your state's cert auth to add these classes to your business. You could do it both ways, by offering the classes in blocks to facilities like you describe, and by offering them at your own site to individuals. Directors of Staff Development at some of our local LTC facilities and other educ directors have opened up their CNA classes to outsiders. Seems like there is quite a need in that area also.
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    Are you planning on offering ACLS, PALS, ITLS, any of that stuff? Those seem to bring the higher fees.
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    Not at this time, our medical director will not allow it. I know that I could make some decent $$$ by doing ACLS for doctors by having a group do the online then meet with them for skills.
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    Does anyone know if it really matteres if you teach/take american heart assoc "approved", or is "ECC" okay-ie approved by the general medical community-- I am your dream customer--desperate need of BLSclass, so I can take my acls, so I can work. I think I could be my own best client !!
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    Hey Steve,
    I AM considering selling some CPR! Recently, my husband's boss asked me if I would be interested in teaching CPR&1st aid to his guides (eco-tour company) AND a friend asked if I could teach infant and child CPR to her 'Mommy and me' group. So I'm signed up to get instructors training thru Red Cross next month.
    What kinda money do you make doing this? Do you have to be affiliated with AHA or Red cross to certify or are you totally independent? Do you teach just in the medical community or do you teach to nonhealth care providers?
    I'm also considering looking into wilderness survival/first aid training classes. That could bring in some cash too. (And be more fun than the office training environment!)

    Sorry if I'm rambling, I'm just finishing up a coupla rough nightshifts and I'm VERY tired...
    Thanks, momo...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Congratulations on your endeavor. I am interested in presenting health seminars to schools and seniors community re: SDS, Obesity, DM, HTN, etc. Your idea has enlightened my approach. Where did you get your supplies for CPR? How are you being funded? I appreciate your response.

    Thanks :spin:
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    steve I would be interested in the manual that would explain how to start a CPR training business....

    Kevin L RN

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