Can a nurse make massage therapy a full-time career?

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    I am considering starting massage therapy classes this fall. I have been an RN for 10 years. I was wondering if massage therapy can be a full-time lucrative career or will it remain as something to do on the side along with a nursing job?

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    You can make it a full time career...the jobs as a nurse massage therapist are few in hospitals so looking at a spa, rec facility or chiropractic office may benefit. The job is strenuous and the limit to massages are about 3-5 /day anything over that is tiring to your body. I know I wouldn't want to be a therapists #6 massage of the day, I 'd rather be the 1st! I utilize the massage as an asset to my nursing job. My patients love it! However when we have low census /patients on our floor they cancel our hours and we take turns doing so. This is a nice part time addition to make extra hours working in a spa one day and the opprotunity to work extra in the spa is always there so I can make up lost income. I love the exercise , its my relaxing job as I say and a break from the stress.
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    Hello! I am massage therapist looking to become a Nurse!! The grass is always greener. I have worked in spas, I used to make good money when I would work crazy (like nurses) 12hrs a day Sat and Sun and I'd be soooo sore! I am doing my own thing b/c we got really bad pay cuts and people stopped tipping and my insurance got cut~ I am making a little $ but when I get my business going I think I can do well. I am interested if nursing is good for me. I love the luxury of Spas, but I really feel my life purpose involves doing more instensive healing work. Do have any advise on the nursing end for me? I can answer and massage related questions.
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    Angelwork, I would love to be in your shoes working in the spa! Nursing is a great job, even though I missed my daughters first steps, many holidays , birthdays and parties I have always had a job. I don't have to rely on someones tips , got health insurance and can work extra if I need some extra money. Rotating shifts is the worst but hey we have to pay the bills. The work is rewarding , there are many areas to choose from such as specialty areas like pediatrics and ob to oncology and forensics depending on what you are interested in. As in any area some bosses are good, some are bad its even better when you are the boss. Its very rewarding however to combine massage with nursing and you have a headstart knowing anatomy , muscles and some of the disease processes. Good luck with your endeavor I think its a good one. It is one profession that you would be highly respected in.
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    I just got my acceptance letter yesterday from a massage therapy school here in our area. I believe that nursing & massage have a lot in common because they are both about healing & promoting wellness. I have been working in dialysis for about 9 years, but I want to explore other areas. I went to a one-day "discovery workshop" at the massage therapy school about 2 weeks ago & really enjoyed it. It is something I have been interested in for a long time. I have noticed that it is a growing field, so maybe in a few years to come there will be more opportunities. I don't want to leave nursing, I would really miss it if I wasn't in it. I want to enhance my nursing with something that I believe will only make it better. Angelwork, if you believe nursing is your calling, then go for it! It's hard & stressful alot of times, but you can make it. Your fellow students in nursing school will be begging for a massage for stress relief!
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    I just had to share...
    I got my first massage Saturday, and I really think I should be doing Massage Therapy in addition to nursing! Angelwork, you're right, the grass is always greener, lol.
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    The first massage I got was from a cardiac rehab nurse who also has her own massage therapy office. I have been going to her for a few years now. I remember after I got that first massage, I was so surprised at how great my neck felt after all that tension got worked out of it. I also have plantar fascitis, and she really worked on that as well. I didn't realize how tight my muscles had been.
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    I am currently a massage therapist and have been for about 4 yrs. It is very difficult to make any amount of money in this economy. I recently started nursing school and have been told that there are no jobs to be had in the nursing field. If the nursing feild is suffering the I'd say the massage field is suffering twice as much. My problem is that I'm not sure if it's worth all this time, and lets face it money, to finish nursing school and still not have a job. Trust me massage is a very difficult career to get off the ground. Many of the people I graduated with are still having a hard time building a clientelle. I think that because tension is not visible people generally do not make massage a priority. good luck
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    I've been a massage therapist for 6 years and just graduated with my ADN in May. I am not yet working as an RN, but am in negotiations with a small local rehab facility. My massage practice is doing well, and I don't plan to stop practicing as an LMT, but I will have to limit my hours to accomodate the nursing position. I am okay with that as my ultimate goal is Holistic Nursing, so the experience with patient care is critical. The economy is tough, but you can find a job... nurses are always needed. Just think outside the box, and don't give up in pursuit of your dream.
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    I am an OR nurse and Massage Therapist, I cannot make enough Massaging to give up my Nursing so I do both good luck

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