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  1. by   EDnurse1963
    stethescope with tape do-hickey attached, NS flush and a few prep pads, nitro tabs and Duo-Neb, sharpie and one or two "clicky-pens". one dollar for vending machine on no lunch days
  2. by   hiddencatRN
    Pen, phone, stethoscope, scissors, eye drops (for my contacts). I love taking notes on paper towels
  3. by   stephynic21
    --at least five black pens (and I'll be lucky if i end the day with two. I am notorious for leaving them laying around)
    --Stethoscope around my neck
    --Badge with 3m tape ran thru my badge clip and ammonia capsule taped to the back
    --Trauma shears
    --Eye drops (the dreaded contact dry eye is enough to ruin a day)
    --alcohol preps and two flushes
    --cell phone

    And by the end of the day some patient labels, SL NTG, and the list on the back of a 2x2 that i make first thing in the morning while stocking my rooms usually end up there.
  4. by   murphyle
    Reply to Airwayguru:

    Neither. I wear Aviator Scrubs - Classic shirt, ER pants. They're comfy, last forever, and are the source of one of my two department nicknames, "Pockets."
  5. by   mcknis
    Steth around neck and tape with it
    ammonia inhalant on back of badge
    small sharpie clipped to badge
    Vocera (ugh) clipped to chest pocket
    trauma shears and two pens in right pants pocket
    gum and chap stick in inner right pants pocket
    phone in left pants pocket

    Used to carry much more, but have downsized and I am glad I did. Pants used to get holes in them from everything else, but now if it ain't in the room, I won't need it. And, I do still have hemostats and some other things in a backpack, but those are nonessential to carry. Also, to an above poster...notes do go well on paper towels!
  6. by   NU-RN
    What is SL? NTG? I'm an new nurse trying to learn these different abbreviations
  7. by   sserrn
    SubLingual NiTroGlycerin.
  8. by   TRUtraumaRN
    Well I don't carry it in my pocket, but I carry around a jug of Golytely to help everyone rid themselves of the overwhelming amounts of crap that they're full of...
  9. by   lvsmith53
    You sound like a mobile Pyxis!! LOL!
  10. by   lvsmith53
    You sound like a mobile Pyxis!! LOL!
  11. by   Rhi007
    When on a St. John duty I have a pick pocket that has the following:
    Trauma shears
    5x pairs of gloves
    Silk and paper tape
    Normal scissors
    Triangular bandage
  12. by   StretchRN
    I start each shift with one pen and trauma shears in my pocket with my stetho and tape are around my neck.

    I'm curious about what is in everyone's pockets at the END of their shift,lol. I ended my shift yesterday with an empty ativan vile, 2 lid tabs from medication viles, 1 bandaid, a 3ml syringe still in the wrapper, a wad of alcohol swabs, 6 pens (accidentally stolen from coworkers a pt's family member's phone number they wrote on an old receipt, 55 cents, and a gum wrapper.
  13. by   Inori
    Well i'm clinic nurse who did a year long stint as ER volunteer when I was a student so whats in my pockets has more in common with ER nurses than the rest of my cowokers. All this weighs probably 5 lbs. such that my preceptor joked that I had just about as much equipment in my pockets as a cop. I avoid putting items in my back pocket as things then to fall out when I sit down. Well technically I don't need all of this equipment as I'm not an ER nurse however I feel safer and more confident with all of this stuff in my pockets as I know I will have everything I need if I need it. This is my security blanket of sorts . It did come in handy during one weekend where I was called in to work in a city wide emegency ah from the hurricane sandy. I was one of the few people who had scissors. OK end of shift I have to empty pockets less I accidentally take home stuff I should not

    alcohol pads,
    dry erase marker
    black & red pens,
    pen light
    2 pairs of gloves
    aquaphor hand oil "barrier creme',
    2 granola nut bars,
    $10-20 cash,
    mini calendar,
    mini comb
    2-3 sheets of 8x11
    RN Notes spiral pocketbook,