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I know there are some older threads similar to this but I figured a fresh one with an ED focus might not be a bad idea. Stethoscope - Goes without saying...but for sack of being through. I... Read More

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    chloraprep wipes, trauma shears, pocket emergency guide, pocket medical spanish guide, NS flushes, phone and pen.

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    My stethoscope around my neck, a sharpie, 2 pens, flushes, alcohol pads, my shears, hemostats, and a roll of tape. Goodness its a wonder you can function with all the stuff we have in our pockets!
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    Trauma shears, steth (around neck), blue pens, a highlighter (to highlight completed orders), alcohol preps, 2x2s, tape... and my patrol cap in case I need to go outside quickly. My patrol cap is one fashion accessory we Army folks are not supposed to be missing while outdoors.
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    Steth in L cargo pocket
    Phone, carpujet, small bandage shears R cargo pocket
    Trauma shears back right pocket
    Pens/Penlight L scrub pocket
    iPhone L pants pocket
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    Fun thread!

    I like to keep it minimal:

    trauma shears

    Our ED has all the tapes, alcohol wipes, gauze, tegaderm and other small supplies at each bedside on the wall. Each room has an otoscope so no need for pen light. At the beginning of my career, I carried around EVERYTHING, including reference books... I tried a fanny pack for a bit, but didn't like the feel of it. So, slowly I discarded the unnecessary and kept the essential.
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    This is almost exactly what I have in my pockets... except I always have a few alcohol swabs. I have found that they are quite adequate for jotting down a set of vitals. Plus I'm not wasting paper cause as soon as I chart said vitals I can use the alcohol swab
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    stethescope with tape do-hickey attached, NS flush and a few prep pads, nitro tabs and Duo-Neb, sharpie and one or two "clicky-pens". one dollar for vending machine on no lunch days
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    Pen, phone, stethoscope, scissors, eye drops (for my contacts). I love taking notes on paper towels
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    --at least five black pens (and I'll be lucky if i end the day with two. I am notorious for leaving them laying around)
    --Stethoscope around my neck
    --Badge with 3m tape ran thru my badge clip and ammonia capsule taped to the back
    --Trauma shears
    --Eye drops (the dreaded contact dry eye is enough to ruin a day)
    --alcohol preps and two flushes
    --cell phone

    And by the end of the day some patient labels, SL NTG, and the list on the back of a 2x2 that i make first thing in the morning while stocking my rooms usually end up there.
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    Reply to Airwayguru:

    Neither. I wear Aviator Scrubs - Classic shirt, ER pants. They're comfy, last forever, and are the source of one of my two department nicknames, "Pockets."

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