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I have always given Toradol in a large muscle because I was told many years ago that it needed to go there. I have recently tried to look this up and can not find any info on this. We had a patient in our Urgent Care that... Read More

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    That's funny.I 've had Toradol IM twice in the delt and it only hurt for a minute.After that it was fine.

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    Quote from LunahRN
    Our Toradol is 30 mg/ml and we typically give 60 mg when giving it IM, so it would be 2 ml for us. I always give it in the gluteal area.
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    Location doesn't matter as much as size of the muscle...some talk like your arm will fall off or something...if you say you always give it in the LE, fine, but if I'm your patient and I ask you to give it in my arm...just do it please :-)

    People get so hung-up on location but it's all relative--larger muscle is what matters...
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    When I went through nursing school we were taught if the amount is anything more than 1ML it should not be given in the deltoid. Like pp said, if you are giving 30mg it would be appropriate to give in the deltoid.
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    I've actually received a Toradol 30mg IM injection in the 5'2 100lbs skinny lil did not hurt at all my arm was barely even sore...

    I've given it in the deltoid before with no complaints from those pt's - dosage is usually 15-30mg. never gave 60.
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    People tend to complain that it burns, so I give it in a large muscle, no matter the dose. Seems to help, but who knows?
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    Like the others said, if I am giving 60mg, I always give it in the gluteal b/c it is 30mg/mL. The 1 or 2 times I have given 30mg IM I have given it in the deltoid, and the pt's didn't have any reaction.
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    I will typically give Toradol 30mg/1cc in the gluteal area, but I also give in the deltoid, but 60mg/2cc is too much fluid for the deltoid and may cause muscle damage.

    When you are giving a deltoid injection you are putting fluid in the middle of the muscle therefore separating the muscle and causing it to tear, if you put too much fluid in the deltoid it will could cause irreversible damage and will definitely cause excessive pain, which is why it's recommended that no more than 1.5 cc's be pushed into the deltoid, anything more than 1.5 cc's must go into a large muscle, likes the glutes.
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    I've done Toradol (30 mg/mL) in the deltoid on my larger patients (i.e. the ex-football player type with arms the size of most people's thighs) and never had a problem. Smaller patients get it in the ventrogluteal. I do warn patients that it's going to burn pretty much anywhere I put it. Amusingly, that advice usually makes them request a deltoid injection - they figure they'd rather have a sore arm than a sore rear end, and it saves all the questions about why they're now walking funny.
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    Our rule is that all doses greater than 1 mL need to go into a larger muscle so no deltoid.

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