TNCC in 2 days!!! CEN in 6 Days!!!

  1. Hey everyone.... I have been hiding away studying for the last month or so... getting lonely (I'm not too good at the complete-isolation thing).

    I am a new grad... I moved to Miami for nursing school, finished, passed NCLEX and realized that Miami has one of the worst job markets (especially for new grads) around. Anyway, I would move, but my wife is in nursing school now... till at least December. So, I figured, while applying for every job within a 1-2 hour drive I should learn as much as possible.

    I took ACLS, PALS early this month.
    I joined ENA and signed up for TNCC and CEN and have been studying for them this month.

    I worked as an EMT and ER Tech before moving to Miami, for 2 years. So, I found a lot of the info from that and these four certs to overlap. I have my TNCC class this Thursday & Friday and then my CEN exam the following Monday.

    I have been doing using Jeff Solheim review from Med-Ed (and they are awesome). It was affordable at $125.
    I have watched all of them two times, and have listened to some (while at gym or running or driving) an additional time. I have taken 3 of the 7 tests that are in the book I bought from ENA. I have read most of the TNCC book. I have also read about half of an EKG book.

    So far my average score is 76%, not bad considering I took the first one before any studying... if I drop that my last two were 81% and 78%, so I can't complain, but I would like to break 90% on at least one of them. I know TNCC will help me acheive that goal. My current subjects in need of further study are: Medical, Neuro and Psych.

    I know that most TNCC/CEN takers have been nurses for a while (recommendations are 6 months and 2 years respectively), but I figured it wouldn't hurt to do it, I will be more marketable, and it will show my dedication to ER nursing and initiative.... and most importantly it was fun and I learned a lot. If I had a job offer come up I would pounce on it, but in the mean time, I will keep applying and studying.

    I am looking forward to testing my knowledge... I know there is a big difference between book knowledge and practical application and I am happy I have the EMT and ER Tech experience for that reason, but I can't wait to improve on my "nursing" skills soon too.

    Anyway... I just had to take a study break, and I figured this would be the perfect forum... thanks... off to read about EKGs and review some of my practice tests, before the wife gets back from clinicals (I have to help her study for a pharm test)
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  3. by   Ivanna_Nurse
    Good luck on your CEN and TNCC!! I'm sure that you will do great I hope some job offers come your way. I am a transplant to SoFla and know what you mean with the job market. Hang in there! ~Ivanna
  4. by   iridius
    Thanks Ivanna I appreciate it.

    I am focused on my TNCC psychomotor skills stations today. I must say they look like a lot of steps to remember, but it's nice that it's black and white and they steps are clearly outlined.

    I did get an online interview (more of a psych/personality test) yesterday for Kendall regional so we'll see how that goes. If nothing comes to fruition before Monday, starting tuesday I'm going to go start introducing myself to nurse managers in person without using the HR intermediary, at least any that will meet with me.

    Have a great day.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    I was a paramedic for almost 6 years when I took the CEN, about 10 months after I became an RN. I'd also already been working in an ED for about 4 years, which was helpful as well. I also used Med-Ed to help prepare; Jeff Solheim rocks! Good luck with the CEN!
  6. by   MauraRN
    I also did ACLS, PALS, TNCC while job hunting, currently using Jeff's stuff to study for CEN. I am DETERMINED to land an ED job before retirement age LOL!. Currently working acute inpatient rehab and hate it for many reasons, none related to the patients though. Good luck on your exams!!!
  7. by   iridius
    I'm early for my TNCC class so here I am waiting in the most modern hospital I have ever seen (there's even a McDonald's here!).

    Anyway, thanks for the encouragement, I memorized primary and secondary assessment assessment and intervention steps yesterday, I am a little nervous in the "new fish" kind of way, but am sure I'll learn a lot and hope to have some fun.

    I am hoping it gives me some good info for my CEN test too, though I am more comfortable with injuries/trauma than with illnesses... Regardless, I am happy I made it because there weren't many other courses offered in the Miami area.

    I wonder if patient care is as organized as this hospital appears to be on first glance, if so I would love to work here. Oh well, I'm gonna cram a little. Have a great day.
  8. by   iridius
    I just passed TNCC woopee... Got a 94% on written test and passed the TNP station first try and told I did "a great job and didn't miss a thing". It was a great two days, learned a ton, especially in the practice yesterday, I looked stupid at first, which is good for humility, but the staff her stayed late and helped and today I must say... I rocked.

    I'm pretty confident for Monday's CEN now, but I have to do two practice tests more. Saturday and Sunday.

    If ur ever in Ft Lauderdale I highly recommend classes at Memorial. It was a great place and people. Now I gotta go catch a bus somewhere. Have a great night.
  9. by   iridius
    I chickened out. I rescheduled my CEN for May 11th. I took a practice test yesterday, and although I was half asleep, I got a 71% and that made me nervous, so I will study some more. My in-laws are coming in from Russia anyway and it's been years since we've seen them so I didn't want to risk failing and being upset for their time here... So it all works out.... But now I have to really figure out my weaknesses and focus. Have a great day everyone.
  10. by   Pixie.RN
    Did you take the actual ENA practice exam? That one felt really close to the level of difficulty of the real exam. I don't know if you should base your preparedness on a non-ENA practice exam. But either way, good luck on May 11!!
  11. by   iridius
    I got the ENA book "CEN revew manual that has 5 practice tests plus two online tests" if that is what u are referring to. I got 69, 81, 78, 71 (average 75) so far but want above 80 one last three tests before sitting for the exam. The FAQ on ENA website says about 73 is passing so I will study some more and then Just Do It.

    I also saw a practice test online for like $30, but the 7 test book is also from the ENA and was only like $70 so it seemed to make more sense.

    Maybe It was just meant to keep me humble, I thought I was gonna do much better after my high grade on TNCC exam... Oh well no biggie.
  12. by   Pixie.RN
    Aha, gotcha .... the BCEN offers an online 150-question test for the low-low price of 75 clams. The link is here: Study Resources

    However, the link is broken -- I'll email them and let them know that. Arrgh.
  13. by   iridius
    Thanks have u heard if the book tests are comparable also?
  14. by   Pixie.RN
    I haven't, but if it's an ENA product, then I imagine they're comparable.