1. I am interested in taking the TCRN. I want to do this by the end of Feb 2018. I have looked for review courses around me and there are none between now and then. That being said, for anyone who has taken TCRN how did you study? What did you use? I see the BCEN has an outline of material just looking for study ideas.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    TNCC and a Jeff Solheim review book. Also McQuillan's Trauma Nursing: From Resuscitation Through Rehabilitation - great book that covers information beyond the resuscitation phase in the ED.
  4. by   pksICU
    I'm currently studying for TCRN and taking it in January! I also recommend Jeff Solheim's TCRN review manual, you can find it here: TCRN Exam Review Course Manual — Solheim Enterprises

    I'm also using the trauma pocket practice books from Jeff Solheim's site, I like them because they have TCRN-like questions and rationales.
  5. by   c27_AEMT
    I am typically one to over prepare. Do you think the Solheim pocket practice (all four) and review course, TNCC and a ATLS audit within the year (with extra review of the books) are sufficient to pass the exam? I work in a level I trauma in the ER so a lot of the inpatient stuff was new...I am also considering the book by Kendra Kent that Jeff mentioned in the course and the ENA CATN trauma course online. I figure that worst case, I am over prepped and learn a bit more in the process...there just seems to be a lot of different resources out there.