Strange things found on (or in) a pt.

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    I've always wondered, especially after hearing about this guy who brought a snake into the ER----what is the strangest thing you've ever found on (or in) a patient?

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    a woman had wrecked her car into a tree. when we arrived the police and firefighters had formed a cordon around the victim, who was on the side of the road, ambulatory and completely naked. She kept pointing at the tree and yelling "I want that man arrested!" (minor damage, subsequently was found to have no closed head injury and extensive mental hx) When we were immobilizing her, I asked if she had any ID and she put her fingers into her vagina, producing 23 cents in change. I said "thank you" and put it in a specimen bag. We tried to get the security guards at the hospital to log it but they would have NOTHING to do with it!!
    that's about the weirdest thing...but I have heard a radiography student ask how a man had "sat on a pickle".
    another time a man at a frat/keg party put his penis through a ribeye steak bone on a dare, where it became engorged and trapped. He showed up at the ER with a pitched tent and about 100+ onlookers, the MD took one look at it and requested the bone saw. The man freaked and thought they were going to cut his penis off, he started running around the ER with the steak bone still stuck. Eventually he was restrained by some unhappy security guards and it was explained that the saw was for the bone and NOT him.
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    eating utensils that a LOL kept using because she was bowel fixated
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    An elaborate penile piercing which I will not describe because it still gives me the willies to think about it.

    A McDonalds sausage biscuit sandwich.

    $3,000.00+ in $20 bills.

    Weapons of all sorts.


    Small furry animals, both alive and dead.
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    Small furry animals.... I thought that was an urban legend.
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    Quote from Diary/Dairy
    Small furry animals.... I thought that was an urban legend.
    If only it were ...
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    I forgot.....a young college student presented to the ER by EMS for a lower GI bleed, with blood smeared all over his face. Upon exam he was found to have inserted a dental pick into his rectum.
    I asked him why he did it and he quoted me a verse from the New Testament, I honestly can't remember which one it was now.
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    dead rat found in the vagina of a rape victim upon examination.
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    Quote from RedCell
    dead rat found in the vagina of a rape victim upon examination. do you top THAT??!!

    And I thought finding a set of bottom dentures embedded in my 400-pound patient's buttcheek was icky......
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    Double A battery shoved up the end of a Foley cath (where it connects to the bag tubing). Hey! It was leaking. What else was I supposed to do? I sterilized it with alcohol first. Lucky he didn't suffer from acid burns!!
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