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So I'm a new nurse, I just passed my 6 month mark. I took a job at a smaller, but very busy ER right out of nursing school. We have a great time there, I love my coworkers. There's just something special that you can't relate... Read More

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    Thanks again for all the kind words and shared experiences.

    I did want to speak to one point that was made. Bobmo mentioned not having an adequate response for why this happened. I don't pretend to have the answers, and I think sometimes, as humans, we spend too much time trying to make sense out of tragedies. I'm not sure that divining "a purpose" from these situations would help at all. Here's what I believe, and therefore know. There is a God, and I'm not Him. For sanity's sake I've seen God take awful situations and make miracles. We see things in a very linear, cause and effect type way. God sees things from every imaginable and unimaginable perspective.

    My daughter asked me about tornadoes the other day. "Why does God send those storms?" She's 5. It made me pause. I asked her to look around at the destruction and tell me what she saw. "Everyone's picking up and helping each other." It's amazing how children view the world. (That's another reason why ped's are so hard I think.) Sometimes God let's storms come to give us an opportunity to serve each other.

    I know I need to be a better servant to be a better nurse.
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    OP, that was such a touching story. Made me feel like I was working it with you.

    The worst peds code I worked was when I was the ER nurse at a small rural hospital. The ER was staffed with RN, and there was an additional RN on the floor that floated when she wasn't busy. Any time I needed, the other nurses came almost immediately when i called.

    A mother brought in a baby, her little girl who was less than a year old. There wasn't any telling how long baby had been down, but she was cyanotic, cool to the touch. Got her in the trauma room and hooking up to the monitor - noticed her scar. Turns out, she was born with a congenital cardiac anomaly and didn't have a positive outcome. The doc told mom that baby would not survive another year at the most.

    Mama said she noticed baby started having trouble. Mom fed the other kids (she had 3 older ones) and put all in the car. Stopped at MIL's house and dropped off the older ones. She told us later that she knew baby was dying, but she couldn't bear to have the baby die at home. We worked it for a while, but we knew there wasn't going to be a good outcome. We did bring Mom in and gave her a chair - she thanked us later - this was almost 15 years ago and it still sticks in my head.

    OP, you rocked at that code - it takes a special person to do peds trauma/codes. You are an amazing nurse and will be a treasure in your ER.

    Anne, RNC
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    As a nurse, and a Mom who sat through her own child's code almost 5 years ago, I know the heartbreak that the parents were feeling. I will NEVER EVER EVER forget finding my son in his carseat, not breathing, and blue, with blood pouring from his nose. I will NEVER forget falling to my knees in the ambulance bay of the hospital and screaming until my mother scooped me off the ground. And I will NEVER forget the dedication and hard work of every single nurse in that room who did their best to save my son's life. I will never forget the compassion that was shown to us in the worst time of our lives. We had lost a son 13 months before, and faced losing our 2nd. He spent 5 days in the PICU after the code, but never came back to us. He died in my arms, as his Daddy held both of us. We are now parents to two beautiful little girls, ages almost 4 years and 11 months. Our boys will forever have a place in our family, in my heart, and in my life.
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    Thanks for sharing calaab and sissiesmama. Those were both touching stories.

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