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  1. Is anyone currently working or has anyone ever worked in a pediatric ER? I am currently an ER nurse caring for adults only. I have worked pediatrics before, but never in an emergency room setting. I have an interview tomorrow, and just want to know what to expect. I know that I want to change my career path to pediatrics and I really enjoy the work in the ER. Please help. Thank you.:redpinkhe
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  3. by   KckStrt
    So... How did it go? I am sure they will want you, there aren't alot of ED pediatric RN's who leave and go to other ED's. I want to do peds as well in after a couple years where I am. We see a ton of kids anyway, so I have the best of both worlds.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   Larry77
    I work agency at one hospital that has an attached pediatric ED but it feels more like an urgent care clinic than an ED. If there is an actual "sick" kiddo they still come to the main ED.

    Is this how other ED's are running their pediatric dept's?
  5. by   stardogdaisy
    Thanks to both of you. I have my interview at Children's Hospital in about one hour. I'm really looking forward to it. I will let you know how it goes. There are other areas of the hospital that are interested in interviewing me as well. I am sure they see all kinds in this ED. Kids come from all over the world with very rare illnessnes to Childrens. I am going to stay part time with my current employer in the ER. Thanks again.
  6. by   stardogdaisy
    Thank you, guys for your words of encouragement. I had my interview today after work at 1630. It was probably the worst interview experience that I have ever had in my career. The interview was with the chief of the ED, who showed up late and only talked with me for about 10-15minutes. She asked me a lot of questions about me and my experience as a nurse, and did not talk about the unit at all. She didn't tell me how it was set up, how many beds, the nurse to patient ratio. What she did tell me, however, what the nurse recruiter failed to mention, was that she was only offering full-time nights. No evenings or day shifts. I have worked 12 years as a nurse flipping around from nights to days to evenings. I have a family, and nights are just so hard for me. I explained this to her very nicely, then she walked with me down the hall to the elevator and explained to me how to find the parking garage from there. On the way out, I did ask her how many beds were in the ED. She said that there were 43 beds, 10 trauma beds in addition to triage. Sounds like a nightmare. This nurse manager is not one that I would like to report to. I even explained to her that one thing that attracted me to Children's was that it was a not-for-profit hospital, and that I was very passionate about those in desperate need of medical care. Then she said that really the bottom line is money. "If we don't get paid, then we can't take care of the next patient that needs our help." I understand that, but should that really have been stated in the interview? I am ok with the job I have now. Then again, maybe pediatric ER is not a good fit for me. I may do better in an ICU setting or the cardiac step-down. I will continue to pray about this. God knows what I am meant to be doing and He will direct my path if I just listen to Him.
    :zzzzzI really like the work on nights, but I just cannot do it full-time. I've tried several times, and the sleep deprivation makes me crazy. It's just not fair to my family either.
    What do you make of this? Let me know your opinions. Thanks.
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  7. by   missanita
    My God that sounds like an interview from hell. I am a brand new RN and was a tech in Pedi ER for 6 years. The nurses there definitely eat their young however, being employed there before has helped me out tremendously. Everyone is very supportive and helpful as I take on this new role. I would not work there in that environment. There are other hospitals etc. that would love to have you, so don't give up on Pedi ER's in general. The experience is the greatest. I would never trade it in for the world.